Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Listen before you read :) 

I dont want to give my house an ethnic look or this and that, i just want to give it a So-ME look.

“You are the one, observing out of range
And you’re the one, who’s looks, never change
Keep changing gears and shifting as you walk
But you cannot walk, if you have no tick or tock”
-The clock Keeper

This house has been home to me for just 1.5 months, now, but this house has listened to every story of mine, secrets that no one ever knows about me, stories from the past and my plan for the future. This house has made me understand myself better.

When I sit alone and crowd my mind with thoughts, I feel like I am talking to a friend. And I found that friend to be my clock. The way he diligently listens to whatever I say and nods with his seconds hand and the way he responds with a tick had made him my best friend here.

I look at the clock quite a lot because every position of the hour hand reminds me of people i love. If its 11:30 I will think about my in laws who will call me to say good morning.
If its 1:00 I think about my husband, hoping that he liked the lunch I had prepared. Every day I think a lot about the next day lunch box. I will daily wait for my dear husbands phone call to tell me he loved the lunch.
 If it is 1:30 I think about my sister who would have reached home from college, in India. I get lost in thoughts about the days we used to come home together from school. We used to have the best times of our lives back then. If my grandma was home, she would wait with a hot tiffen for us. If she wasn’t home, my sister would prepare Maggie for me.
When it ticks 2:30 I think about my mom as that’s the time she comes back home. I get reminded of the times when my sister and I would torture her the minute she reaches home, to make some delicious tiffen. She wouldn’t even have time to get freshen up. She would directly get into the kitchen and make bajjis or bondas without even a trace of regret for having kids like us.

When the clock ticks 4:00 I get reminded of my dad. He was always like the clock to me, he would listen patiently to every word I say, with a nod after every sentence. Before my wedding, I used to eagerly wait for my dad to tell him all the non sense I did that day. And if that day involves something about my writing, my sister used to pity my dad as I would go on and on and on till he is fast asleep.

Hour hand competes with the seconds hand in running fast, when my husband is around! And when he is off to work, Seconds hand gets into a slow race with hour hand.  #unfairClock

I don’t want to change the clock because the one I have doesn’t look good enough. I am not a person who go by looks. I want this clock instead of the old one because I want my husband to get reminded that his girl is there at home, when he is busy with office works. When he plans to work over the weekend or the evenings, he would plan looking at the clock. He would say ‘Before 1 I will do this’ ‘After  2 I will do this.’ But this clock, as my best friend, would remind him that his girl should be his priority in all his planning.  Already I am, but just in case there is a very priority task I still want to be the first priority. ;)

I want to get the red one to match it with my curtains.

Our home is full of decorative mirrors mounted on the walls, all over the house. Mirror, not only reflects your face, but reflects your confidence, your hope and your mood. Mirror is something I look at every now and then, not to check how my nose looks because I know looking at mirror cant change my facial bones, but to understand if I really mean what I think. I can never lie to my own reflection in the mirror and I have made the best decisions of my life after having a talk with the Mirror-Me.

“I am not cruel, only truthful ‚
The eye of a little god, four-cornered. “

It is not enough if a mirror is just a reflecting medium. It should be a kind that boosts your confidence and doubles your happiness. It should show you how you are, the best way it can. I think Rajasthani warli painting mirror is such a frame, which will make us feel majestic everytime we look into it. We feel like our photograph is framed and hung in a palace, everytime we look into it. So I want to buy this to boost my confidence and make me smile at myself each time I look into it.

‘Nights are so beautiful, not because of the dark sky studded with star but because you look so beautiful with the night lamp revealing the best of you.’ – my husband would say.

“Then she turns to those liars, the candles or the moon.”
Candles and moons are called the liars because they can show any woman more beautiful. I am careless person and scared of fire. So I avoid the candle to make me up. I can’t bring the moon inside my home. So I decide to buy this terracotta lamp which will substitute the moon or the candle to reveal the best in me.

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  1. First to comment :D
    Liked your post especially the clock thing.
    One more thing that I liked was that you edited the pics placing the new items in your home. So thumbs up for that.

    All the best for the competition. Wish you win :)

  2. Congrats... :)
    Loved the old - new concept... and so it isn't surprising thst the post won you a prize.

    Arvind Passey

  3. Congratulations Ganga! Very well written and well deserved prize! :-D

  4. Awesome GB!!! Well deserved win! :)

  5. Congratulations! Loved the post. Good idea and creativity to write about "without and "with".

  6. Wonderful!!
    well deserved win :) congratulations


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