Friday, August 8, 2014

I find my finger wrapped around a giant finger, a big sized nose blocking my sight. I feel a little wet somewhere beneath my hip. Rubber like lips kissing me hard. Then comes another giant finger, another nose and another huge lips to plant a kiss. I get tossed between hands.
Oh my God! Why did you make all of that a dream. I wish I had lived that life. I don't want to grow up again. I cry. They don't understand why and shake me like I was born with an instruction to be shaken well before use, like in the juice bottles. They dress me up in front of everyone, like I was born shameless. They dip me in powder not bothering if i liked that fragrance or not. They force me to eat milk, who cares if i like coffee better?! Wherever I go, people keenly watch every movement of mine as though i was a contestant of Big brother. They laugh at every effort of mine to communicate something, making me feel like a clown. They call me baby, while I have lived a life, in my dreams.

I cry wanting to go back to that dream. They, again, misunderstand, and shake me well before they use me for their personal dose of entertainment.
- the kid who woke up to find that the life he had lived was just a dream. 

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  1. Ah! How I wish I could go back to my childhood days.

    1. Ya, me too :D but with the same innocence that i had back then..


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