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The below is the first short story I wrote when I was a kid. i found it in the backup folder of my first computer's data. I know it's so stupid but this shows me I have grown as a writer. :) #FacePalm. Read and please dont comment! 

Mars love-dies with success


Headlines worldwide dated Feb 1st, 2020:

Kalpana Chawla and her crew sent to mars on ‘Mission Mars’-
Reveals NASA
Kalpana Chawla and her crew are sent to mars to find if any form of life survives on Mars and if the planet is suitable for human to live in.”

“1…2….3…go” here goes the space ship ‘MARS 0A’.
It took them nearly 3 days to land on mars. By Opening the doors of space ship, with the suit, Kalpana steps on the land of Mars saying “wow! Mars is too good isn’t it??” agrees her crew.

“Look at that kalpana…”yelled with an alarming tone, Joe, her crew member.
“I think those 2 aliens are going to attack us lets rush up to the space ship and get ready soon…” says maks.
Before they reach the space ship the aliens caught them but their actions proved that they didn’t try to harm but just wanted help.
Both planets couldn’t communicate properly. “Their alien language is alien…isn’t it kalpana” jokes marks. “Enough of your jokes, lets try out signs..” says joe
Those two aliens just drew HEART… and also symbol of danger… and pointed the space ship.
Kalpana could guess what it was.
They were actually lovers of different races and Mars people are searching them to burn them down and the marsies are scared that kalpana’s team from earth would harm the planet MARS.
Everyone got into the spaceship and the marsies started explaining the characteristics of a ‘Marsie’ by sending signals to the computer in the space ship.
“Marsies have short term memory loss brain like organ which carries only what works to be done next. They try to finish the job within the fixed time if time exceeds the job gets erased from their organ. Their target to burn us though for different reasons is just 24 hours and mars has a special system which can sense us and your spaceship in whichever planet we land.” Says the mars lady through signals sent to computer. The marsies communicate to humans by sending signals to the computer in the spaceship and vice versa.
Kalpana asks” But how could they track our spaceship?”
Mars man signals” Any alien object landed on mars can be tracked for 24 hours”
Joe asks”I think they are really tracking our path. Can you tell me one thing clearly? Does their sensing system focus on the whole universe or only on planets?”
Mars man replies “yes only on planets if u land on a planet they’ll certainly trace you”
Maks” So we need to land somewhere else. Right??”
Kalpana ” Exactly.”
Joe ” But how long and where?!”
Mars man” Just for 24 hours”
Joe “But where”
Kalpana “they can sense only if we land on a planet right?? Moon is’nt a planet it’s just a natural satellite of our planet. ”
Mars man “I think this is the best way to escape them. We will land on moon stay for 24 hours and return to planet earth”
Mars woman “but what about our love and life honey?...” she hugs him...
Kalpana says “Come on! You have saved us do you think planet earth is so disloyal?”
Joe says “we’ll take you to our planet and set up a house that is exactly in mars climatic condition”
Maks without the knowledge of the aliens asks kapana “how can we explain this to NASA”
Kalpana says “we can’t be mean and we can know lot more about mars and marsies from them too. NASA will see them just as an experiment piece for ‘MISSION MARS’ so our job becomes easier”
They landed on moon. The alien couple takes their lonely romantic place on moon and has their bit of romance.
Meanwhile the crew reports to NASA about their arrival in 36 hours.
‘MARS 0A’ starts and they are about to land on their planet Earth. Marsies hug eachother assuming their success in love.
It was Feb 1st 2020 the spaceship fired just 35 sec before it landed. Though they died Marsies love really won and they had actually succeeded in their MISSION MARS too.

  1. Love exist in all planets and has the same symbol “the heart”
  2. Mars has some form of life in it.
  3. Marsies have an organ just like our brain and it has a memory span fixed i.e. they are people who stick to time.
  4. Marsies have a brilliant tracking system.
  5. Astronaut named Kalpana Chawla always has a remarkable life and a successful tragic end.

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