Friday, September 5, 2014

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost told us how taking the road less travelled by makes all the difference. There are people around us who made bold decisions and did not become a doctor or an engineer. They did not blindly follow the crowd. They took the road less travelled by and have also become successful enough. Those are the people who inspire us to take up our passion. I am sure their journey wasn’t a bed of roses. They had to convince their family, struggle to be seen, earn less the first few days, got judged and even bullied. This segment is all about those who took the road not easily taken by others.

There is an interesting segment called the ‘Confessions’. Every person we interview has to confess something silly or serious at the end. I am very excited to read all the confessions.

Come on, let’s get into their yellow woods and watch them make the choice between the two roads that diverged.

This is one thing I am excited about. A few people are going to write here in GB LAND. :) 

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