Monday, September 29, 2014

When we create a new document, we are prompted with a dialog box, which we can conveniently close. This is my way of working, you might use it if you want to.

Then save the qlikview document. Qlikview documents are stored with an extention .qvw (qlikview worksheet) The application file that holds our dashboard, report, script, data model and connection string.

Now click on the script button.

We get the below script already in the script page: 

At the bottom we have some buttons. We need to use it to import out data. 

Database: This is used to create ODBC connection, OLE DB connection, QVS admin data provider connections. I will post about those in the future posts. For now, let us understand that this is used to create database connections be it SQL server, oracle, access or any DB. 

If we select OLE db connection and click on connect, we get a list of OLE DB providers. Say we select SQL server, we are taken to a page where we need to fill connection details. After that we should click ok. A connection string appears in the script page. 

Then we can click on select to select the table and columns we want to import to our application. This will also auto generate the script for selection and load of the data. 

After this, we need to click on the reload button. 

After reload is done, we have the data in our application. We will see how to use the loaded data to create dashboard in the next blogpost. 

Table Files: 
Clicking on this we get a navigation box, where we are let to choose file of any format. We can use excel files, flat files or even html files. After we double click on a file we get a prompt to select the type, the table (say in excel the sheet will be selected), the header size (in excel the number of lines to skip) and the labels (if they are embedded which means first record is treated as label, none will make a b c d as dummy labels). The script is automatically generated. We just have to load it to bring the data to our application. Even QVDs can be loaded this way. What is QVD is a seperate post. 

Qlikview Files I will explain as i learn in the coming days. 

Web files:
we can give an internet file. Say for example a wikipedia page which has a table. Example internet page to use.

Field date: I will update once I am done studying about it. 

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