Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Are you new to Milton Keynes? Okay! Let me help you find the right shops to buy the right things.
If you looking for vegetables you can either get into the marks and spencers at the first gate of the Intu mall or if you want vegetables at a reduced price you can just get into the open market at the south side of the intu mall. As you enter into the open market you just have to go inside the second row. You will reach a vegetable stall that is open. They sell different vegetables and fruits, one pound a plate. You get more if you are lucky. You can get beans, lettuce, cabage, cauliflower, lemons, capsicum, tomato, runner beans in this shop. You can also get fruits from here right from oranges to strawberries.

The shop next to this open stall sells really fresh vegetables and fruits. You can get any vegetable you want from this shop at a reasonable price. The next shop to buy vegetables is the pound a bowl shop. Get into the path that runs along the huge vegetable shop, we were talking about, to its right. This shop sells vegetables one pound a bowl.

If you want to buy Indian spices or Srilankan ingredients, you will have to enter into open market from the mall and take the second stretch from your left. The shop at the end of the stretch to your left is run by a Sri Lankan couple and has everything right from puliyogare powder. Then walk past this shop and turn to your right, walk a few steps ahead to find another shop run by tamil speaking people. This is the only shop where you can find Dosa batter. There is also a Tamil eatery in the left side of the open market, just walk around to find it. You get nice biryani, dosas, samosas and a lot more there.

There is a salon in the open market, which I prefer stepping in for a hair cut; Maria hair dresser. I took a layer cut for just 14 pounds and I loved the outcome of it. The stylists in Maria shop are super friendly people.

Coming to laptop repairs, as you enter the open market from the mall, take the third entry from left. The first computer shop to your right is run by a hindi speaking guy. He is a very friendly guy and does a good job with your laptop; very honest and reasonable.

In short, open market is a very nice shopping place if you live in Milton Keynes. 

The open market is shut on Mondays and Wednesdays but the mall is still open on all the days. 
Closing timings for the open market everyday is around 5 pm.

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