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Road Not Taken is a segment in which people, who have chosen the road less traveled by, share their journey with us. Read the interviews and get inspired! :D 

Today, we have Shankar Narayan with us in 'Road Not Taken'. Thanks for your time Shan. 

-I am big fan of yours. Many readers of mine might be knowing you through my short story about you. Also, there were many short stories going along with your photographs in my blog. But for the rest of the readers, can you please introduce yourself?

Hello everyone! This is Shankar Narayan a photojournalist working with The new Indian Express.

-Can you tell us more about your educational background?
I graduated with my Bsc in Physics from Loyola College and later opted to do a diploma in Photojournalism from Udaan school of photography Mumbai.

-Why photography? Why not any other profession?
 A correction not photography  photojournalism in fact. Why lot of reasons can be put here.
I always had an attraction towards the pictures in newspapers as they were shot live and photojournalist is the one who shows you the real news through his lens
Some pictures like tsunami kombakonam school fire and Mumbai 26/11 attack had urged me to taste photojournalism.
- If not photography where would you see yourself, now?
Photojournalist was my only aim. I always saw myself in mirror as a phojo and nothing else.

-When did the interest for clicking rose in you? Do you have the first photograph you clicked?
First Photograph when he was 4 years old!
First photograph I had clicked was when I was 4 it is a candid picture of my dad and mom hugging each other. And that is the only candid picture of theirs.

-What was your first professional photograph? Can you share the experience of clicking that photograph wish us? Can you please give us the photograph?
I still don't call it professional photograph. Because I never knew when I had become a professional as I use to contribute for my Udaan magazine where I use to shoot with other professionals.

-What do you look for when you click? Beauty? Colourfulness? Emotions? Or a story?
To me everything combined makes a good photograph. Just like your Coffee. Right amount of milk coffee and sugar. Makes the best coffee.

-What camera do you use?
Very important question. Which photographers hate to answer or rather I do. Have  you wondered what pen had Shakesphere used? Have asked a doctor which brand of stethoscope does he use when you had been to his clinic. It is not about the instrument but the man using the instrument.

-Did someone predict that you will become a good photographer when you were in your school?
My teachers had predicted that I would be good for nothing. I dont think they even know that I am a phojo or If they can understand what photojournalism is. I still feel teachers are so confined with words like engineers and doctors still in this era.

-Does your finger itch to click when you see a beautiful girl? How do beautiful girls look like? A photographic subject or real girls?
Very good question. I have never shot any beautiful girl that I had wanted to, My eyes do they clicking and heart does the storing work. :D :D  on a serious note a hot girl in a beautiful dress having pani puri or chai would make it to my camera. or a girl with her facial amidst a busy traffic would get into my camera other than that I love maintaining professional standards.

-What do you think about people good at photography taking up wedding photography? Do you think they need to concentrate more in their area of expertise or figure out what they are good at? Is this trend healthy?
It is not a healthy trend in India. But still there are people doing something different now like post wedding shoots and pre wedding shoots like making a story. Places where they had met first there first coffee or their first travel. I dont encourage wedding photography because people see you as photowalas and you dont get respect which one needs.

-Tell us more about the feathers in your cap?
I had actively participated in Scroll's loksabha elections where some of my pictures were published in yahoo website and some in a magazine called Invisble photographers Asia. And has also done rounds in Better photography magazine.

-What is ultimate success to you as a photographer?
One picture with which people from the world recognize me. Or a picture which can make a difference to subject or someone.

-At your wedding, will your complete attention be with the one who is clicking the photographs?
Lets see am not planning for Wedding as of for 10 years atleast.

-How much do you earn? I am not asking this to send a report to income tax ;) People should know that making a living with something we are passionate about is not difficult. Parents thing only engineering, medicine or being a CA pays well.
I pay my house rent e bill food and misc and travel bills which is very much enough for me and I even send money to my family sometimes.

-Tell us about your day to day routine as a photographer.
Wake up, jog, ask other photographers what is happening in city do the assignments stay in touch with police and fire station often to know whats happening in the city.

-Can you share an interesting incident that has happened to you as a photographer?
As a photojournalist everything is interesting to me. Only thing is, I see tomorrows paper live happening in front of me. Which itself is the best kick to get everyday

- Today, anyone who has a DSLR calls oneself a photographer. Who do you think is a real photographer?
Not everyone has a pen is a writer or a poet. I have answered your question I guess

-People think any good event or anything good that is captured just with a click is a good photograph. Is that true? Does photography just depend upon a subject and a click? As a photographer by profession, what do you do other than finding good subject and clicking?
Contacting people is very important to be in track I do it often. Building good photographer friends is important. Look at the books of other photographers.

-Can you give a tip about photography to someone who has just started?
Get out of home and just look around you. go for long walks dont photograph. And come home and analyze what all could have been a good picture. Do it everyday.
-Light photography. What was that all about?
Light Painting? Okay it is a fun way to kick yourself after a hard day of work. Mounting your camera to a tripod and putting your shutter in bulb mode. okay guys google or youtube it am not a right person for this question.

-“Road not taken” has a segment called ‘Confessions’. We would like to listen a confession from you. Could be silly/ serious. Preferably something that you haven’t revealed to people.
I had got quite a few proposals during my photojournalism days. I was and still am pretty much ambitious about my work I had rejected them. I didnt know how they would have taken it. But am really sorry. I didnt mean to hurt their feelings. I understood it when someone rejcted my proposal. :P

Had a great interview. Thanks Ganga

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