Thursday, September 11, 2014

I is a romantic action thriller directed by Shankar casting our dear Chiyan Vikram in it. Vikram and Shankar are getting back together after Aniyan in this movie. This fact was enough to excite audience and keep them eager to watch the movie. Vikram and Amy have already been casted together in Vijay's Thandavam. These are known facts, lets look at the motion poster.

A talk about the motion poster:

The poster starts with the beautiful BGM of AR Rahman.
"I am beauty" 
"I am the ugly truth"

The above two sentences in the trailer makes us think if its going to be something like Aniyan again.  Is it going to be a fight between the good and the bad like Kadal? But considering how promising director shankar has been, I am sure this will be something very different.

Shankar is the master of creativity and art works, be it digital or human made art work. Everything about the trailer has two drastically different things. The words have two colours- white and the red; might signify good and the bad. Vikram is seen having two different halves to his face, each, drastically different.

This motion trailer has definitely risen our expectation from Shankar, Vikram and AR Rahman.

Watch the motion poster below! :) :D

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