Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hello Everyone! We have Karthik, a budding poet, with us today in out Guest Post segment. This segment in GB LAND doesn't only host posts from our guests but also compels them, literally, to send us a confession along. Karthik has confessed something. Lets read his post before we get to know that.

Who is this Karthik? 

Hey. I’m Karthik . A fun loving , emotional and an honest person who is very friendly and almost too crazy to hang out with. I love writing poetry and I love football. These are two lovely things that completes me almost every day. I like to travel a lot and also like to bring up conversations with strangers. My playlist ranges from old school rock n roll to Indian classical collections and I love The Beatles. And I also believe that a person’s playlist can tell a lot about them.  I love to appreciate art and also love to express myself with art on my own. I m not much of a planner and also too lazy to plan and sort out things. So, this is it . 

What does he have to share with us today?                         

  A mother is born

Oh! Pain and the wonder in one same place,
From the darkest dome his life had to face.
Grabs the sheets and the iron of the bed,
The mother cries out to push out his head.
Hopes and dreams leave the tiring womb,
To a place with light still motherly bound.
One little life until the chord is torn,
Plucked them out for a life to be born.
Dazed with the joy of giving his dreams,
Mother wakes up still with her head in screams.
Placed right aside her hand and eyes,
His little home until he walks and slides.
His crying tears turned to pearls of her smile,
A pearl so precious,it just pops once a while,
When a mother is born with an angel by her side.
Her one loving finger, placed in his palm
Would slide all his five into a wonderful balm.

I’m really scared of butterflies. It started with a dream long time ago, I don’t remember when.  The dream was like ,I was sleeping in a bed full of moving, creepy, colourful butterflies. It sounds surreal. But yeah, I’m scared of them.

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