Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello Everyone! 
Thanks for visiting my blog! I am a BI developer by profession. To keep myself active, engaged and to learn more I start this blog, where I document all that I learn. 

I will keep it short. I have a 1 year experience in banking domain as a java developer. I was exposed to HTML, Javascripts and J2EE during this one year. 

Then I shifted my domain to Business Intelligence as a BI developer. I have 1.5 years experience as a BI developer. I was exposed to Qlikview during this 1.5 years. 

I am planning to document my learning with Qlikview in this blog. Hope you find it useful.

Before I start blogging about qlikview, I want to give an introduction about Business intelligence. I will explain in a very simple way as that's how i understood it. 

We go to the super market and buy stuffs. When we bill, the person at the counter scans the bar code on the items to list them in the bill. Every item we have in our basket gets listed in our bill with the item name, quantity and the cost, along with our details, date and time. This data is not only used to give us a receipt but is stored for analysis of the supermarket BI team. 

The BI team of the supermarket uses this data to find insights.  The BI developers create dashboards with the data available for the Business analyst to get some inference. The Business analyst uses these dashboards to find some insight. Say for example, they find that 90% of people, who buy milk, also buy egg. they then suggest that the placement of egg near milk will increase the sales of egg. Sales will increase as they wont miss the few lazy customers who really want to buy egg along with milk but just walk away as they cant find it close by. 

One other case study to understand BI. This is a real case study that happened but im not sure with the statistics and brand so i will use my own naming and stats to explain. 

A car company collected the FB profiles of its customers and got its BI team working on the data. They found that 85% of their customers are Radio mirchi listeners. How can they use this social media analytics to improve business? When they launch a spare part or an update to their cars, say for example some music system or seat belts of its brand, they can just advertise in radio mirchi and prevent the money that would get wasted by investing in other channels. 

Hope this piece was informative to understand what BI basically means. Lets talk about Qlikview in the next article. 

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