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Road Not Taken is a segment in which people, who have chosen the road less traveled by, share their journey with us. Read the interviews and get inspired! :D 

Today, we have Pratyush Prakash sir with us in 'Road Not Taken'. Thanks for your time Sir. 

 Read and get inspired!

 -Pratyush Prakash, my favorite poet, lyricist. Many people reading this might recognize you. But for the rest can you introduce yourself?
Ans: Lazy Bum is the right adjective for me. My hips, unlike shakira can lie anywhere and everywhere. I am too messed up. I don’t follow a planned life. Till now the only thing i did as per the plan was to take birth. I'm too careless. At times i forget taking my brain with me while meeting people.
I dream a lot. I dream 25hours a day, I borrow one hour from the next day so that I can dream a bit more. I am a dream, I guess!

-When did you start writing poems and do you remember your first poetry?
Ans- I wrote my first poem in Std 9th. It was about the good old days of my childhood. My father read that poetry, and asked me not to stop writing, ever. He emphasized on the word 'ever', and that I guess shoves me to write.

-What’s your relationship status?
Ans- The same as of Salman Khan. No time for being in a Re-Lesson-Ship!

-Usually, men become poets when they meet the right girl. Was there or is there a girl who inspired you to write? If so, tell us more about your journey with the girl?
Ans- There's a slight correction- Men become poets when they meet the wrong girl, because with the right one they have a lot of other stuffs to do( If you know what I mean *winks*).
But the case was totally different for me, there was a girl who made me a better writer. She taught me how to put life to words. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

-When you are married, will you wake your wife with a poem each day?
Ans: It all depends on if i let her sleep the previous night. *winks*

-Does your day to day emotions reflect in your poetry?
Ans- Well, Not sure. But my night to night emotions surely does reflect in my poetries.

-Oscar nominee! How did this happen? How did you get a chance to write for that movie?
Ans: I was a contender, and not a nominee. It all happened because of Dinesh Nair sir, who is a casting director. I thank Sreejith narayanan sir, with whom I did my first album and he was the one who introduced me to Dinesh Sir. Coincidentally, Dinesh sir was the casting director for Kamasutra 3D. He referred my name to the music directors of the movie, and that is how it all started. I am grateful to Sreejith-Saachin sir for the immense support, and Rupesh Paul sir for trusting a newbie like me. It was a great experience.

-When the news about your nomination in Oscar reach you, where were you and what were you doing? What was your first reaction?
Ans- It was 7:30 in the morning. I was on my bed, making love to the pillow. I started shivering when i heard the news. For a moment i felt that i'm in kashmir, and not chennai. I was reborn that day. The traces of that day which plays as a flashback still gives me goosebumps.

-Kamasutra 3D. Did people judge you when you said you were the lyricist for that movie? How did your parents react? What do you have to say for people who judge artists who work for erotic movies?
Ans- Yeah, i went through a lot of taunts from different breeds of people. I was even asked if my lyrics had different kinds of moaning sounds in them. But all this was short-lived, and on December 17th, we were announced as the only indian movie contending for the oscars in the music category, and that was enough to shut those stinking mouths.
People in india have double standards, they don’t consider erotica as an art, I guess! I request people to see the movie, and then judge the artists involved in it. See the movie, and if you feel that the director is trying to sell sex, then you’ve all rights to puke criticism for the director, and other artists involved.

-Do you have the habit of gifting poems to people close to you? Like writing in a greeting card on mothers day, birthdays and the like.
Ans: I’m not at all expressive. Something holds me back from expressing my emotions. But I once gifted a song to my mother, and it felt great.

-Income tax question. How much did you get paid for your Bollywood debut? How much has the Oscar nomination hiked your salary?
Ans: Haha. That's a deep secret. And about the hike, the only way it has helped me is that i can now ask for money to the producers. Though the fact of them not giving it still remains the same.

-Which do you consider achievement in life?
Ans- The fact that i call it a "Life" now!

-What’s love?
Ans: Everything!

-Does your mind write a poem every time you meet a beautiful girl?
Ans: Beautiful girls don’t meet me. Sigh!

-Have you tried to be poetic on your dates? If so, can you tell us more about the poems you recited and the girl’s reaction.
Ans: I’ve never been on a date *winks* Girls don’t like writers, I feel!

-Do you have plans to learn a new language and write lyrics in that language?
Ans: I wish to learn punjabi. I love Punjabi, and Punjabans ;)

-Do you think poetry has a language?
Ans: We all have grown listening to lullabies, and no matter in which language the lullaby is, you are at peace when you hear it. A poetry is nothing but a lullaby, so it is beyond the boundaries of language.

-What are your current projects?
Ans: There’s one movie for which I’m doing the lyrics, and the dialogs. I’m also weaving lyrics for a song about creating breast cancer awareness. Adding to that, I’m working on few non-commercial projects with a very talented musician- Keshav Huria.

-Can you write a one liner about this interview in your style?
Ans- This is one of those rare occasions when a writer falls short of words *winks*

I confess to have had more than 60 crushes till date.

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  1. Great introducing new bloggers to us GB and glad to know about you, Mr.Pratyush :)

    1. Uma mam, he is not a blogger but a bollywood lyricist :D


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