Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Milton Keynes, aka MK, is a place I have fallen in love with, in the past few months. I always thought main attraction to me would be the Intu mall and I was right. The mall runs for several meters covering almost the entire street. You name a thing and the mall has a shop that sells it.

My favourite shops are BHS, Select and H&M. These three shops have amazing collection at a very reasonable price. H&M always has several lines with discounts and that doesn’t mean the collection is any less than other shops. There is also a John Lewis and Next, which I am sure is for the brand driven crowd. There are several toy shops like the Disney toy shop, the works; book shops like WHsmith, The works and lot more. There is a poundland, banks, Marks and spencers and what not.

My favourite in the Intu mall is the Middleton Hall. Events happen at this place. Previously they had a beach set up for kids, Air architecture, fashion week lasted till yesterday. It is always fun to watch out to know what’s next in the middleton hall. The best thing about the intu mall is the fragrance of coffee that tingles our nostrils as we walk along the coffee stores. There are a lot of café’ inside- Café nerd, pret a manger, Costa. There are also ‘Watch that child!’ ice cream stalls and the bubble tea stalls.

If you fall sick because of the excitement of roaming inside the huge mall, you just have to step into Superdrug or Boots; be it medicines or cosmetics these two rock. When you go out of the first few south gates, we get into a different phase where there is a round about for us to sit and enjoy the sun; this is near HSBC bank. Going further inside, we can find sports direct. If you are looking for quality shoes at a really low price, you just have to step into this shop. H&M is also located in this phase. There is also an Italian pizza shop in this area. 

If you happen to step into central Milton Keynes, you should check out the Intu Mall. It is a must see in CMK.

Gate 6 is open after the mall closing times. Most shops are closed at 5 pm though there are exceptions. Gates are usually open till 8:30 on weekdays, 7:30 on saturdays and till 5pm on Sundays.

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