Monday, September 29, 2014

Let us create the first qlikview document.

After we download we see an application with the below logo installed.
We will have to open the application.

We go to the start page, as we open the application. We have many examples of already developed dashboards that will guide us through the basic capabilities and uses of Qlikview.

The below button is go to the script page. Script page is where we write scripts to load the data into the Qlikview document.

The button highlighted in the below image is the reload button. That is used to execute the script and bring the data from the source to the qlikview document.  The connection between the qlikview document and the source file is only during the reload.

After reload no matter whether the source is changed or unavailable, the data is still in the qlikview document until we reload it again.

Selection of filters is easily done by a click on any item on the qlikview document, it can be a filter or an item in the table or chart. The selected item is shown in green, the other records in other fields that corresponds to the selection made are in white and the irrelevant data becomes grey. We will understand this as we progress learning qlikview.

The below highlighted buttons are used to clear all the selections made, undo the previous selection and redo it. (back and forward)

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