Friday, September 5, 2014

In this fast moving world, we don’t get much time to watch all the films that get released. We hardly get ten fifteen minutes for ourselves every day. Understanding this, film makers come up with short films. They try to convey a complete story within the short time. 

 This section is not going to review short films. This is purely to promote short films and short film makers.

To get more such films in your time line 

The below are as sent by Saravana Vel.

Synopsis : friends kill the manager of the bank who is being indirectly the reason of the death of the gang leaders brother... and the friends revenge the one who did it !!!!

13 short film : Thirteen

synopsis : 13 Haunted Mansion' is the horror bound short film which has been directed by T.R.Bala. This women centric film will be screened in the Libra Global Screening Events on 22nd June 2014.The film features Ezhil durai, Saravana vel, Ramya, Vekky ,and satish.A.S.Vivin has composed the music for all the horror sequences, while R.K.Varma has handled the cinematography and GA.Gowthaman has done the editing. - See more at:

Awards : won third place in Libra global short film screening

               won in swiff competition

My personal Favourite: 

 Ini Vendam 

synopsis  :  A Millionaire couple arranges a talented middle class bride for their only foreign returned son. Bride's friend brings out the other side of the groom through Face Book. Whether the marriage happened or not?!

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