Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello! Hope the article about Business Intelligence was helpful. In this post let me talk about what I know about Qlikview. 

Qlikview is a Business intelligence platform. It allows us to use data and make it into a dashboard or report in order get some insights. 

Let's take the super market example used to explain Business Intelligence. In the supermarket, when they generate the bill, they also store it in their database or file. Say, they are storing it in excel. They will store customer details along with the items bought, time and date. Let us assume that the BI developers of the supermarket use Qlikview for creating BI solutions. They will use this data, from the excel in our example, and create dashboards. These dashboards will be used by analysts to do business analysis. It can also be used to predict sales. There are many uses of qlikview, I will post it as I learn. 

Qlikview is a BI tool developed by a company named Qlik.  You can read more about the software and the company here. They allow us to download qlikview to our system for free. But only if we have license we get to open others' qlikview documents.So to learn, I think, we are good with the free version. 

I have downloaded Qlikview personal edition from here. Download this to your system so that we can learn together. 

Feel free to contact me for qlikview challenges. Not because I will know it all, but because I will try to solve the issue and learn along with you.

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