Monday, September 29, 2014

I’ve teamed up with Free Office Finder ( with their #EarlybirdChallenge campaign.

            I am a writer and it is said that the night owls are the best creative ones. I always thought that to be true as my mind works its best when I burn the mid night oil. When I came across this #EarlybirdChallenge by Free Office Finders and read through some of the posts related to the benefits of taking up this challenge, I decided to take it up. As a first step, I slept a little early the previous night, around 10:00 pm.

            I was in the middle of a dense forest. The sun’s rays, filtered by the branches of high trees, fell on me, drawing patterns with the shadows that it casted on me. I peers from the bottom of my eyes, through the dense eye lashes. The trees gave way to sun light. As the heat bore inside my skin and cleared the mist above me, someone said to me “run run run run and run.” I woke up and ran, faster and faster. The voice still said “Run, run”. I reached the edge of the place and looked down. I was standing at the peak of a mountain. The voice now said “Jump”. I closed my eyes and jumped from there. I had no idea why I did that. As I was trailing down, I opened my eyes to find myself sinking just a few micro meters into the spring bed in my bed room. I was woken up. I realized it was a dream but I still heard that voice saying “Run, run, run and run.” And after a pause the voice said “Jump”. I turned to the side the voice came from, picked up my mobile and switched off the alarm. I had used the inception technique to wake myself up at 6:00 am. I recorded saying ‘Run’ and ‘Jump’ in a pattern and set that recording as my alarm. I assumed that this will make me fall in my dream and hence wake myself up according to inception theory. Trust me, it worked.

My eyes were begging me to get back to sleep. It was cold outside. Even pulling out my hands from beneath the duvet was a big task and I was lazy enough to call it a task. I regretted for accepting the challenge. I gave it a second thought. Then, I decided to read a book, so that I get charged up to leave the bed. A few minutes later, I got back consciousness and found the time to be 30 minutes past 6. All the benefits I had read about getting up early in the morning rose in my mind. I ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth along with my spirit to take up the challenge.

After a lot of self-motivation, I was officially up for the day. I decided to start my day with the tea of my motherland, the Indian Chai. Adding a tea-spoon of tea powder, cardamom, cloves, a pinch of cinnamon and smashed ginger to half cup of boiling water, the desire to hit the road for a walk rose in me. I added half a cup of milk and watched it boil. As the milk rose up in the milk pan, my energy rose up within. I had the cup of Indian Masala Chai with my favourite digestive biscuits.

I decided to go for a walk in the beautiful, calm streets of Milton Keynes. MK is so beautiful in the early morning, the beauty I had missed to admire all these days. The way the mist clears up in front of our eyes, as the day brings in a little bit of warmth, is so adorable. I walked to gate 6 in the intu mall of CMK and got to the other side. This gate is the only gate opened in the odd times. It was a refreshing feel. I gained a lot of energy, getting rid of the lazy rob. The writer in me was excited with the thoughts that crowded my head. My mind was better creative during this walk compared to the late nights. How I missed the joy these many days?! I wondered.

I returned home to find my husband still fast asleep. I didn’t want to wake him up as it was my challenge not his. Seeing the changes that the challenge brings in me, I am sure, he will also take it up soon. I looked at the wall clock to find it to be 7:30. Oh mine! I had a lot of time to prepare breakfast and lunch. I decided I will make toasties for breakfast with grape juice. I boiled two large, white potatoes. Peeled the skin and smashed it adding salt. I added a little red chilli powder to meet the expectation of our Indian Taste buds. I sandwiched this between two bread slices. I applied butter on the outer sides and placed it in a preheated toasties maker for a few minutes. I also prepared Chapathi, the indian flat bread with ladies finger fry for lunch.

Everything was ready by 8:30 am. I woke my husband up. He was surprised that I was sitting unusually relaxed.

‘Is it Sunday?’ he asked me, surprised.

‘No sweety, it’s Friday. I still have time for you in the morning.’ I said with an unusual morning smile. I usually get up late and run around to get things ready. So, I never spend enough time even to smile at him in the mornings. Today, thanks to EarlyBirdChallenge, I have a lot of time for myself and for him. I feel energetic. I usually stay on the couch, lazily, for hours together after I settle down for the day. But today I started my day’s work the moment I sat down. I have got a lot of time to be productive with my blog. Thanks Free Office Finder ( for the #EarlybirdChallenge campaign; Thanks for making us aware of the benefits of rising early every day.

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  1. Interesting Ganga ! Great you have finished your challenge and I hope you till get up early morning :). The photos are cool esp. the "zzzz"


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