Tuesday, October 13, 2015

When Jyotsana from came up with the idea of publishing the kindle version of my book I did not consider it a good idea. After having two three sessions with her I understood that kindle will help me reach readers across the globe. I decided to publish the book on kindle and I don’t regret my decision now.
As a first step I uploaded my book after making necessary changes and including few more names in the acknowledgement. I, then, took the help of Jyotsana in creating a new cover for my book. Below are the paperback and Kindle covers of ‘Just you, me and a secret’.

Blurb of the book:
Just You, Me And A Secret is a story of an amnesiac, Meera, who battles between her past and present.
Meera Prabhu wakes up after a terrible accident with absolutely no memory of herself. She sees a stranger in the mirror and seems to be living with another stranger, Ashruth. Ashruth, a doctor by profession and a clown by appearance, claims that he is her fiancé. They were engaged to be married and would have been married already if not for the accident. He keeps on emphasizing on how much she loved him and yet, he keeps her apart from her family for her 'mental state'. Armed with what seems to be her personal diary, Meera tries to grasp her identity and her reality. But no matter how hard she tries, she just seems to be unable to connect. Will Meera break through the hurdles in front of her and be able to connect to her friends and family again? Most importantly, will she ever regain her identity again?
#kindle #suspense #Romance

Do you like the plot? Do you have a kindle? What are you waiting for? Just click on the below link and download the kindle version of my book. Trust me this book is nothing like what you have seen in movies or other books. This is original and has twits that will make you guess all along.

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