Wednesday, September 30, 2015


A lot of well written articles have this mistake glaring all through the page. The usage of apostrophe is an area less touched upon by the grammar Nazis. People don’t correct you when you make a mistake with the placement of apostrophe like they do for the other errors that you make.
            So here are the rules. Even if you don’t like this article I am going to write it. Because it’s mine.
            Because writing what we want is writers’ rights. I can also call it women’s choice.

If you see in the above example it has a apostrophe followed by s (‘s). Every singular word will have ‘s when they have to possess something.
Every plural word ending with s with have an apostrophe following the s. (s’).
Plural words that don’t end with s will follow the same rule as singular. (‘s).


When we talk about basic grammar this is a word we seldom hear. Apposition gives more details to the readers and more satisfaction to the writer.
Appositions are nouns placed one after the other.
The writer Ganga wrote a book on grammar.
The writer and Ganga are nouns placed one after the other. These can complete the sentence separately, too.
The writer wrote a book on grammar. ‘Which writer?’
Ganga wrote a book on grammar. ‘Who is Ganga?’

But using them together gives more satisfaction and is a better communication.

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