Wednesday, September 30, 2015

As we have spoken about using adjectives in our writing let’s also discuss about the punctuation that needs to go along with them. When you use two adjectives in a sentence consecutively should you use a comma? Depends.

IF the two adjectives are of different types. Say qualitative and classifying.
Qualitative describes the quality of the noun. Example: Long, Strong
Classifying helps divide nouns into groups. Example: French, annual.
No need of a comma if the two are of two different category.
“It’s a short annual meet. “
Short is qualitative. Annual is Classifying. So we don’t need a comma.
What if both are of same type? Simple, use a comma.
            “It was a short, boring meet.”
Both short and boring are qualitative adjective and hence the comma.
If all of them are classifying adjective use comma only if they are all of same class of information.
Example: “Mistakes were found in first, second, and the third editions”
If they are of different class of information do not use comma.
            Example: “Mistakes were found in the first English edition.”

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