Friday, September 11, 2015

There were time when we visited book stores, flicked through books before we decided on which book to buy. Today we buy books online and miss the pleasure of flicking through several books at a time to buy a single book. #BookBiteByGB helps you do that even in this ecommerce era. 

Book Bite By GB is a pdf with one chapter each from several books. Readers can download this pdf from the below link for FREE.

In this #bookBiteByGB Promotion I not only circulate the pdf but also feature one book per day in my facebook page : GBLAND. The promotion doesn’t stop there. I will be posting the book cover, buy links and author bio in my blog and promote it in various platforms like indivine and several pages on social media. In short one book per day will be promoted by all means I can along with the pdf. The author of the “book-in-spotlight” that day, can share reviews and their interviews in my facebook page.

If I get more entries I will do it on a regular basis. Mail me if you are interested  in promoting your book with GB LAND mail me at

Don’t worry about virus.. lol… it’s just a google drive link. I am not intelligent enough to implant viruses. 

Chapters from the rest of the books in the below poster will be released on 3rd october. 

The 'Book-in-focus' promotion will happen here from tomorrow.


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