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Priyanka Lal

Author: Priyanka Lal

Priyanka Lal hails from Ranchi, Jharkahnd. She completed her Master in Life Science from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore in 2010. She is settled in Bangalore and worked as a teacher in one of the schools. She is in love with words and writing hours are the best time of her life. Writing brings out the best in her. When she has a pen in her hand she is in her element.
Not a trained dancer, she enjoys dancing; she cooks because she loves food, reading is her passion and her favourites are the classics. She draws inspiration from authors like Jane Austen, Danielle Steele, Munshi Premchand, Saratchand Chattopadhyay and many such stimulating writers. An incessant talker she loves to be surrounded by friends.
Bollywood addict, she also enjoys the English sitcoms.
She has learnt a lot from the books she has read ever since she was a kid and she wants to give back to the world of books and words. She wants to keep writing until words can continue weaving magic. ‘The Rose Bush’ is her first step in that journey.
Mother of one, her husband is her strongest support and her mom her muse.
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