Thursday, September 3, 2015

What is #BookBiteByGB?

This is going to be a pdf that will be available for free download from12th September, 2015. #BookBiteByGB pdf will contain one chapter from each of the book associated with it. One chapter each from 42 books will be put into a single pdf along with a short author bio and buy links. This will help the readers to go through and buy the book they really want to read.

As authors, we get to take readers from the other author’s page or list. You get to promote our work for free.
As readers, we get to read a chapter before we invest time and money on a book; we get to make an informed purchase. We no longer have to judge a book by its cover and feel cheated or skip a book of our taste just because we are not sure of what’s inside. In this decade of social media, we mostly buy books online and flicking through is not possible. This pdf is to help readers do the one-chapter-reading before buying that they usually do in book stores.

In this #bookBiteByGB Promotion I not only circulate the pdf but also feature one book per day in my facebook page : GBLAND. The promotion doesn’t stop there. I will be posting the book cover, buy links and author bio in my blog and promote it in various platforms like indivine and several pages on social media. In short one book per day will be promoted by all means I can along with the pdf for 42 consecutive days.
The author of the book in spotlight that day can share reviews and their interviews in my facebook page on the ‘Day of spotlight’ for their book.

I request authors to read the chapter of the book in spotlight everyday and share comments about the work of the fellow authors.

If this goes on well, #BookBiteByGB will be published regularly (Every month) with 10 books in each edition.

Why am I doing this?

Promoting books and getting readers is really tough. Tougher than getting your book published. I want to promote my books at the same time help fellow writers promote their work. Kindly comment below if you have any doubts or reach out to me here: Ganga Bharani

Books associated with #BookBiteByGB

Keep an eye on GBLAND for more information about #BookBiteByGB.

Partner in collection of chapters for this edition: Debdatta

An initiative by: Ganga Bharani
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  1. Waiting for the PDF :) And I completely agree with your last paragraph :)

    Destination Infinity

  2. Wonderful initiative, Ganga. Looking forward to it :)

  3. This is a fab initiative GB! :)

  4. Excited, looking forward eagerly :)


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