Friday, September 18, 2015

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Destination Infinity

Author: Destination Infinity

Destination Infinity is the pen-name of Rajesh K, who is a professional blogger living in Chennai, India. When he was young, he came across a tag-line contest for Indian Tourism. 'Destination Infinity' was his creation for that contest, but unfortunately (or fortunately) 'Incredible India' won it. He became very angry with the Government for rejecting his intellectually-superior tag-line and decided to make it famous, himself. All these futile efforts like blogging and writing books is a result of that youthful streak in him that refuses to die!

Sustainable-Living is his latest mantra, but it is not in his style to stick to one passion. You can catch all his misadventures at his personal blog:

Read a chapter from this book and several other books in the below pdf.

Chapters from the rest of the books in the below poster will be released on 3rd october. 

The 'Book-in-focus' promotion will happen here .


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  1. Super. Read away people :)

    BTW, here is where you can get the entire eBook for free:

    Destination Infinity


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