Sunday, September 6, 2015

Author: Kavipriya shares with us the story of her journey. Let's hear her story

Kavipriya Moorthy  - A typical Chennaite, who does window shopping in the T. Nagar, goes crazy about actor Surya, hears peppy songs while traveling and takes thrilling rides in theme parks. Yes, life was simple and so were I, I spent the same ditto 20 years in Chennai that any middle-class girl for that matter does. Luckily, there was one difference in my schooling – my parents afforded and put me in an Anglo-Indian board. The only base reason for a strong accent and a decent score in grammar, not the best but better. I love English as a language, and I adore learning new words. Right after schooling, I followed the flock and joined Engineering, I never regret and after all the ‘outstanding’, arrears, records, placements, I finally passed out.

These four years changed my panorama of life and vowed enough "me" time. I attained enough notice for good dialect; it just didn't stop there, I observed and penned emotions easily and inclined to share it in simple terms. I started winning hearts for my short poems. I sensed an acquaintanceship with words, and I emote better this way. Though am talkative, I write sensibly.
Writing waned, as exams and placements took over. I settled for an IT job, and poetry was still my intensities that were published and praised across the company too. I wanted a sheer break, and in its own literal way, life gave me some "me" time again. I was patrolling for something to do, and then I chose my pen.

Luckily, I befriended few writers and authors, who eventually were my mentors. I had a few plots in mind and started off with the simplest one. Penned a chapter and it worked well, I always wanted to be in the writing way, and I picked inspiration from fellow writers. I read well, and that made enough room, my friends find it easy to send a gift on my birthday’s – it has always been books. There are times, where I deliberately give them the titles I need.

Writing was like quicksand, the minute I picked it,  I fell deeper every day. Am very social, and my Firefox will always have Facebook in a tab, but mostly I use it to pen my work and post on my pages. We have productive pages, which nurtures young writers and am very glad to be a part of it.
My book "I don't wear Sunscreen," is a simple and straight chick lit, that talks about the 16 to 24 years of a person's life. Life drags a person to the least possible negativity before it thrusts one to shine – this is the base string on which the story is knit. The story has utterly cute love embedded, parental care, friendship and career insights of a person. I wanted to do this book, as I relate easily. I have done enough research and am satisfied with the shape now.

My parents are not really aware of my writing skills, but my friends are, and each of them supports me a lot in this regard. I sense responsibility when they care and share that am a writer to their fellow pals. I look forward to staying in-line with writing, I guess soon after a few months of release I would be all set to be a good mentor for other budding writers.

Am an ambivert, a sensitive narcissist, a witty friend, a sensible yet egoistic writer and a serene person to hang out with, if you are around the amethyst cafĂ© – drop by and I might be there staring at the lily flower or lost in thoughts or mostly, typing and deleting the same old 26 alphabets.
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