Saturday, September 12, 2015

He Fixed the Match, She Fixed him

Shikha Kumar

Author: Shikha Kumar

Shikha's maiden book will soon be adapted as a motion picture. She's also a relationship expert with a popular forum. She writes TOI Blog with name Rightly-Nailed and also contributes articles to iDiva, Uth-Time, Social Tahelka and few other forums. Occasionally, she also writes short stories and does movie reviews.  Additionally she has full-time IT Manager job, is a wife and mother of 5-years old. Her next book is slated to release Dec'15. She can be reached at

Read a chapter from  this book and several other books in the below pdf.

Chapters from the rest of the books in the below poster will be released on 3rd october. 

The 'Book-in-focus' promotion will happen here .


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