Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pradyumna, Son of God

Author: Usha Narayanan

Usha Narayanan has been creative director, jingle-writer, web editor, journalist and communications manager. Her debut novel, The Madras Mangler, a suspense thriller, was well received by reviewers and readers. The Madras Mangler, a suspense thriller, received excellent reviews. Her second novel, a fantasy thriller, Pradyumna: Son of Krishna is available in leading bookstores and online stores also as eBook. Her next is Love, Lies and Layoffs, a romcom published by Harlequin – HarperCollins (Sep 2015).
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Read a chapter from this book and several other books in the below pdf.

Chapters from the rest of the books in the below poster will be released on 3rd october. 

The 'Book-in-focus' promotion will happen here .


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