Saturday, June 11, 2016

404 Error page helped me land on a website that announced my wedding:
Love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you. You have no idea why you fall in love with the one but you become so crazy about that person. The definition of love would have changed as you had grown but when you find the one you understand the real meaning. It is not something you can define it's something you feel.

When I met my husband, when we had our first interaction, I heard a voice within that the interaction I was having can change my life. I was stuck with a 404 Error and he voluntarily came up with a solution for it. I am sure a lot of IT guy's love story would have started with a technical error.

I have admired him for very many things. Every single day I discover something about this wonderful person that makes me fall an inch deeper in love. Every passing day tells me one additional reason why I was right in making the choice to hold his hands or I should say extend the hand for him to hold.Every second a voice echos within we love us.

Like every other marriages we have our share of arguments, our our share of misunderstandings that doesn't echo in the photographs we share for the world outside us. We don't go out every other weekend, we are ambitious in our own ways. But we are addicted to being with each other, and even the arguments or misunderstandings cement a few blocks here and there without which our world would collapse.

The beauty of love lies in both the good and the bad times, both in smiles and tears. You may cry or laugh but as long as you are ready to do it together you two are made for each other.

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