Thursday, October 13, 2016

As writers, we all want to tell stories and keep the readers engaged. In this book you will find 60 prompts. This is not like the other prompt books that you find in the market where they just list one liners as a prompt. In this book you will be given prompts or plots and ways to develop them into various genres. These prompts will not just create a spark in you to create your own story but also guide you to twist and turn them into a story you will be comfortable writing.

Every story is a collection of words put together in the right order with a hand full of punctuations here and there. When it’s a love story there can only be two people falling in love, either happily end the book or make it a tragedy. But then how can each story be different from the other? It’s the characters, setting, plot and the order of happenings that make one story different from the other. That makes every one of you develop a plot into a story that’s entirely different from the other. This book will provide you with a list of creative plots that can be twisted and turned into several stories. This book will serve as a story guide.

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