Thursday, June 29, 2017

#YanumTheeyavam a neat film with a good screenplay. Worth the money. I liked the songs, specially the lyrics of Agayame song.
I loved the performance of Raju master.
Very clever of the team to choose that scene for the sneak peek. That is one scene that reveals the one liner of the movie. It also takes guts to post a scene thats so important to the movie boldly as sneak peek.

Talking about the story- this movie has a one line neat story and the director has focused just on the story without much deviation towards the commercial insertions.

Actress Varsha Bollamma reminded me of Nazriya and i think she has filled the void Nazriya has left after her wedding. Not just by looks but also performance wise she has taken Nazriya's place.

Ashwin Jerome, the hero, looks a lot like someone from a novel. Tall, honey coloured, beard, those eyes. He must sometime try gangster. He is a perfect action thriller material.
Did i forget to mention his height? He is very tall.

Prashanth G Sekar a first-timer? I doubt! With directors who have given hit films releasing films that the audience wonder why it was mad in the first place, this guy has given us a good film thats worth our time.

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