Thursday, July 6, 2017

How often have you felt confused? Sometimes it is really hard to make a decision. Robert Frost begins his famous poem The Road Not Taken with the following lines:

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both”

We all stand there, right in the middle of a road that diverge two ways, confused which one to take, scared to take the one that’s less travelled by or sometimes desperate to travel the one we think is the best for us.

            How do we make such decisions? Based on instincts? No. Most times it is based on our assumptions about the judgements that would follow or peer pressure.
Why should we choose an option that other might choose if there were in our shoes? They might virtually try to be with us, holding our hands and directing us to a certain destination but trust me no one will ever walk you through till your destination. When you think you have made a mistake that person who led you to this road would have stayed where the road diverged. Sometimes it is not even possible to return to where you had started.

            So, what is the best way to decide? Don’t just decide based on what you want. First learn what you are getting into. Analyze what you gain and what you lose if you do what you are about to do. Be it buying a property, switching jobs or even having sex with a person. Think through what will happen if you choose each of the options you have. Live all the scenarios in your head and when you think you are prepared to face it all, choose it.

            You don’t have to be too careful to avoid mistakes. Mistakes are fun. Mistakes are amazing teachers and they help you build the story of your life in an interesting way. But make an informed decision and then make a mistake.

            Hope this short note helps someone who is trying to make a decision and is confused. Will be writing more such posts.

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