Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Reasons for stress:
there are a lot of reasons for teenagers being pressurized by academics and taking extreme measures due to it. but if i have to coin the reason in a single word i would say its all because of "expectations". expectations of the individual, peer pressure, finally a competition within the students of the family( cousins, second cousins, faaaar relative).Most parents fail to understand the pressure on the kid and they give a hand in burdening them even more with a simple tool called "comparison". most of us when we are sad say "why only to me?!" we fail to understand that everyone faces the same situation in life.

Solutions to parents and teachers:
parents should encourage their children and not force them. "i know you'll get 95%" is better than " you should get 95%" . parents should never compare their kids marks with that of the others in their class or school. this will create an inferiority complex. if they find the kid stressed they should try diluting it by making them take enough rest in between.

meditation is better than medication. Studying without food, sleep and breaking the routine of the body will never help a person get good marks. studying with proper amount of rest in between and intake of nutritious food will always help you retain what you study.
the study schedule should be broken and well spaced to reduce the pressure. even easy things might seem to be tough if we create a pressure ourselves.

My Experience :
i have always had a "not bad" academic record. i really studied well for my 12th board exams and did them well. but the day before the "RESULT DAY" i couldn't sleep. i knew pretty well that i had done the exams well but even the uttering of the word "FAIL" created fear in me. the results were to be announced at 12 30 and i had been restless from 9:00. i was really stressed and was thinking about all negative results i could get. tears rolled down my cheek like a water falls. Finally when i got my result i found it to be 95%. still i did not realize that. this is because of the tension and stress it had created in me. i totally broke down and never came out of my room. my parents tackled the situation so well. they patted me and said it was nothing low and they were really happy. and all my thanks to my friends who came all the way to my house and said they were really happy for me for getting nice marks. only then i realized that i had a blockage between my eyes and my vision and only then i could realize that i had actually got good marks.

MARKS are important but they are not all that we need to live. 4 lettered 'LIFE' is much more valuable than the 5 lettered 'MARKS'. the students must be made aware of this.

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  1. The thing which you said about stress and marks is really good i would say excellent.
    Parents doesn't fail to understand kids its because they love their kids so much that they want his kid to be in a good position which compels them to force their kid (to get a real direction this is necessary some times, otherwise the kid can be distracted by many things around him ,really kids need a direction which is given to them by two experienced people who already passed through the stage, sometimes they want their kid to be something which they can't, this may lead them to force but there is always an exception of people), finally this is all for the kid not for them, its not their fault its the fault of the system in which we live.every where in the world there is a queue for something if you want to go forward you are forced to be competent.
    At last this is my view I'm not criticizing ... or saying i am correct..
    And i read all your views and i appreciate it and i think you would carry on the same in future.

  2. This is a very good blog which is an eye-opener for parents and teacher. One should understand that it's not all marks that decide the future of a person. There are more parameters to decide the ability of a person. Really liked the way its presented which keeps everyone on their toes till we reach the last word. Excellent one!!

  3. Thanks a lot for the comment Naresh. Many good politicians, artists, cinema people and even inventors are stopped from becoming one bcoz of the concept called marks


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