Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The authorities think prevention of any conversation between seniors and juniors inside college campus is the only way to eradicate life losses due to ragging. This is like banning cars on streets just because road accidents due to cars increase.

How many rules for us to follow?
first it was banning of mobile phones and we nodded as they had a valid argument for the ban.
then dress code and we never objected it as it was for our good. and now what are the authorities trying to do? increase the number of rules rather call it restrictions? finally one day if these rules go for a print it'll be bulkier than our subject books.

who is a senior?
a person who is always ready to help, be it lending books, clearing doubts at the last few hours of exams, telling us which author to follow, how to study, what to do next, higher studies and what not. none of us know how but only the previous night of the exam we'll get all possible doubts. we 'll not know which among the 3-4 books, we have for the subject, to choose as we would have never opened any of them before. importantly we wouldn't know which chapter to skip to get that "35". the only option at such CRUCIAL TIMES OF LIFE would be calling our seniors. i still remember the day before all my semester exams when i used to call my senior,Chandran, and he always used to explain nearly 2 chapters over phone for each of my exams.

Pleasure ragging..
there is a hidden pleasure in ragging and being ragged which most of us don't get to enjoy.i seriously envy my friends who were ragged in a creative way in their colleges. this cannot be understood unless experienced.

How to prevent ragging?
nobody is going to remain a junior all the 4(or 3) years and none will rag a junior for the whole of first year. its just the first week of college this fun fills the campus. so the authoities themselves can announce "RAGGING HOUR" for a week and a ragging spot. staffs can vigil on them from somewhere around. ragging within limits is always fun and that is the best way to befriend a junior.

Now what marks the limit?
if someone can rag his junior keeping in mind the staffs around, then that ragging is surely within limits. every student knows if his play in the name of ragging crosses the boundary then the staffs have their own game called internals and a penalty shot named "suspension".

if such a rule is imposed then a person will never get to know how to mingle with a senior. tomorrow if we enter the corporate society and asked to call a senior manager by name we'll find it odd and awkward. this will definitely make us feel uncomfortable leading to shrinking of our confidence.

so a blind move of preventing any conversation between a senior and junior is not going to solve the actual purpose quoted anyway.

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