Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"PADIPS" is one word often used to humiliate friends in the crowd. i have always wondered what this word would actually mean. is it an appreciation or depreciation?! why do people call someone padips and why should one feel insulted if people call them padips. what is the actual meaning of this word?! no one ever knows.
If someone in the gang gets some 5 marks more then the others immediately voices raise branding that person 'padips'. Those were days of my primary classes when i lifted my collar saying " hey how much did you get? i got a centum in 2 subjects!" and everyone used to applaud. And now when someone says "I PASSED the unit tests" we look down upon them as though we are ready to spit on their faces. "Mam this is the answer...." i used to say and now when i even ask a doubt everyone around is ready to pounce on me. I really wonder what has brought all these changes. What is lacking among friends these days is the encouragement in the right direction. we encourage each other in unwanted issues. We fail to encourage each other to do something productive. " know what?! last week i saw a movie and it had....." someone starts ,and god only knows how, it finally ends up with all possible gossips we hear about all cini starts. none of us even talk about what we are going to do in the future, higher studies, how we are going to set up our career. Friends are not just to make the present interesting but even the future. friends! lets encourage our friends to better in life and motivate them to take the right direction.

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