Friday, December 18, 2009

I am a girl who doesn’t give much importance to so-girly kind of looks and dressing. Every time I meet some friend of mine on the street after a long gap the first thing I always heard was “ what’s this GB you have put on” that was never a statement that could bring a smile in my face. None of the present day girls like such comments. I was not so much worried about how much weight I put on each week (my poor memory says I checked before 14 months lastly.). I never counted on the calories I ate. But such comments got repeated over and again from people and that really made me worry. Girls run behind size zero and none even mistakenly calls me “thin”. I had never envied kareena after that as I did before. She is perfect and size zero. How could she actually do it? Whenever someone offered me some chocolate “WORLD IS RUNNING BEHING ‘SIZE ZERO’ ” ,a news paper article I read used to flash in my mind .though I loved eating chocolates I used to meaninglessly refuse.
One night @ the call center:
Recently I read a book “one night at the call center” by chetan bhagath. It has the one night story at the c all center with few flash backs of our hero shyam’s dates with priyanka (a girl who works there, his ex-girl friend). One line in the book hit my head heard. On a date when she was counting the calories before ordering her food he asked her “Priyanka, do you want to live happy or thin?” and she answered “Thin”. WOW what an eye opener. I am not like “Priyanka” I am a girl who prefers “Happy” to “Thin”. I said to myself “I am not a model or an actress to become thin. I am ok with what I am. Maybe I’m just a few extra Kgs. Who cares?!”
most of the girls today choose food based on the calorie count.whats the point in living if we are not even able to eat what we find delicious?Life is fine even when you are fat. Just that you need to remain healthy. So girls come on lets live happily and eat what we like than what makes us or retains us THIN. :P

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  1. Restricting calories to become thin is useless as u say..But the same for the sake of health is good..simply Living is more important than living happily


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