Saturday, March 22, 2014

 “Someone’s at the door” sang the fancy doorbell. Nisha walked to the door and opened it.
“Hello madam. Can I talk to you for few minutes?” a stranger woman asked her, standing tall.
“Sure.” She let the woman walk in.  
“I would like to capture a photo of yours.” She asked.
“Sure.” Nisha smiled and posed for the photo.
Before the lady could click the picture, she said “This dress is not ok. Please go and change it to this.” She handed over a saree to her.
Nisha was back in a jiffy with herself wrapped in saree.
“Good. Now pose.” She commanded and Nisha smiled for the picture.
The lady took down every single detail she could about Nisha not being lethargic even about the height weight, complexion and body built.
“Ok, you are up for sales in out site, Nisha. You pay me a 1000 and we will promote your sales, giving you amazing guys.” Said the woman.
“Ok. Sure. Make me a diamond member of the site.” Nisha paid her a 3000.

Nisha was well promoted in the site and today was her first sales pitch.
“Someone’s at the door” rang the fancy doorbell.
She opened the door and found a handsome guy.
“Hi Nisha. I am the buyer who is here to buy you.” He said.
“Please come in.” Nisha walked delicately to the couch and requested him to sit. She rushed to the kitchen and got him some drinks.
“So, do you offer coupons or cashbacks? Do I get to bargain on stuffs?” he asked.
“Yes, I do offer coupons and cashback but bargaining is my part in the story.” She said.
“Good. I like your boldness. So what is the price you sell yourself at?” he asked.
“5 lakhs, a car, few k.g.s of gold, few kgs of silver and whatever else you demand.”
“That sounds like a good deal. I am ok with it and we can go ahead with registering you as mine.” He said.
She fell at his feet and said “Thanks for buying me at such a low cost. I am blessed to be bought by you. I will deliver the money, car, gold and silver before you register me.” She closed her eyes in happiness.

Her phone rang disturbing the silence and darkness her closed lids had given her. Nisha opened her eyes and lifted the curtain to look through the window. It had dawned already. She was lying in her bed and he was gone. She sat still for few moments.

Her phone rang and it was her mom.
“Hi Nisha. What are you doing? Still sleeping? Ashruth will be there any minute. Please get up and get yourself dressed well. He wants to meet you before they decide about the wedding.” She said and rang off not bothering to listen to her reply.
Nisha regained consciousness. It was a dream. She was still not sold. Her mom had told her that she had enrolled Nisha’s profile in a matrimony site and that someone had raised an interest for her. She had such a bad idea about marriage that she considered it to be a business; girls to be sold in matrimonial sites for free and the guys get cashbacks for paying nothing; coupons for every festival.
She brushed her teeth and sat still in the couch not bothering to dress well. She did not want to get married. She was happy to be alone and single.
“Someone’s at the door.” Rang the fancy door bell.
She snail paced to the door and opened it to see a tall, fair and handsome guy.
“Hi Nisha!” he handed over a bouquet of flower.
“Oh, which site did you order it in? Got some discounts or got the whole thing with some coupons you got in previous sales?” she asked showering a lot of attitude.
He kept his cool and smiled with the reply “Got it with coupons I had saved and even got some cash back. What’s wrong? I did not steal the coupon, I bought something and got the coupons for it. Also, when a site gives you such offers that’s the best site, so be happy I got you flowers from the best site.”
She smiled in surprise that he did not take offense.
“Please sit down.” She said first lowering herself in the couch with her legs crossed.
“Thank you.” He said opposite to her.
“So what’s the deal?” she asked.
“What deal?”
“What’s the price you guys have fixed for me? What are the offers my parents have given you? When are you buying me?” she asked.
“Thanks for being so polite. I will take a leave.” He started to leave the place.

Nisha’s phone rang. It was her sister.
“Hello Dhiya. I will talk to you later.”
“It’s something important.”
“Ok, tell me.” Nisha said.
“Ashruth’s parents had come and they were talking with ours sometime back. Ashruth was supposed to come. His parents had some high demands to get him married to you. Since his salary will be hiked we need to give them extra it seems.” Hearing this from her sister Nisha gave a shameful look at Ashruth.
“I knew this would happen…” Nisha began and was interrupted by her sister.
“But this guy came in from somewhere and said please call it off. I don’t want to be sold and matrimony is not to put my profile and sell me up. I don’t want people to bargain over me. Matrimonial sites are to help us find the right life partner, right family that will gel well with us and not a buyer. If you were to demand all this you should have put me up in some sales site with “UP FOR SALES TAG” he said and left the room.” The moment her sister said this Nisha cut the line.

“I am sorry, Ashruth.” She said.
“That’s ok. The feeling of being sold is mutual. I came here to apologize as you might have had dreams or developed feelings looking at my photograph or dreams of getting married in to my family. I am sorry.” He said and started to walk away.
“Ashruth” he turned “I am sorry for being rude.” She said as he walked away.
“Listen. Wait up. Can we have a coffee? I make good coffee.”
“Do I have to pay for it?”
“No, it’s free.”  He smiled. “Life long” she added.

A Lot can happen over a coffee and there ends our story.
Marriage is not a bad thing. We get married to have free coffees life long. ;) One day from the wife and the other day from the husband. And demanding for each degree behind a guy’s name is not marriage.
So guys, get married don’t be sold. Be bold.

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