Sunday, April 26, 2015

Let us give awards to some of the CrashThePepsiIPL Ads made by people.

My take on this ad: (SIMPLE AND SUPERB AWARD) 
Why do we drink cool drinks? Because we are thirsty, its hot outside and we want something to keep our heads cool. This Ad simply tells that. A typical situation any of us could relate to. I loved this simple ad that makes us feel thirsty and think of pepsi every time we get thirsty.

Alternative Product option:
This uncle will best suit an AC ad. He sweats a lot so he can act in some demi cool kind of talcum ad.

My take on the above ad: (BEST SCRIPT AWARD)
I just loved the expression of the characters in this ad. It's funny and a bit cute, too. We can see anyone commenting about how a cricketer should have caught the ball or bowled or even batted. But they will have not a bit of direction sense. I only thought that someone would come and give Pepsi to this guy who is irritated with the performance of Indian team on the television. But the way this Ad progressed surprised me.

Alternative Product option:
This guy can best suit for the centre fresh ad. The moment he over talks about cricket someone should throw the centre fresh into his mouth.

My Take on the above ad: (BEST PERFORMANCE goes to AUTO DRIVER) 
I just loved the performance of the auto driver. It was very clever of the Ad film maker to not make the auto driver speak a single word. The moment when he swallows trying to exhibit his thirst makes us swallow and want something cold to drink. Amazing concept.

Alternative Product option:
No alternate option for the auto driver. He is the best choice for cool drink ad.

My take on the above AD: (BEST EMOTION AD AWARD) 
This is the best Ad according to me in the Crash the pepsi IPl list of Ads. It addresses the gap that remains silently existent between north Indians and the south Indians. Though it was easy for me to guess what would be the end of this Ad I liked watching it. Simple and neatly executed.

Alternative Product option:
These people can act in matrimonial ad. The tamil guy finds the hindi girl and vice versa.

My take on the above AD: (BEST AD AWARD) 
Cricket and girls- interesting. Guys watch it- even better. Girls hit the pepsi tin with the ball- loot better. They jump and the ad shuts down- the best. If I will have to look at the Ads and choose the

BURP!!! This is one aspect of pepsi not many ads have focused on. Most people drink cool drinks for the BURP. I just loved this ad and it was so funny.

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