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March Blogazine: GB LAND

               How many of us call ourselves an optimist? Except the really honest ones, most of the rest will call ourselves one. We are all that happy-go-lucky person till we fall. But when we hit the low in our lives we become as pessimistic as possible. We ask “Why only me?” looking at the ceiling assuming that the God, who is omnipresent, is only above our heads. We need to learn how to convert our low into first step. There was one such lowest point I reached in terms of disappointment and frustration shot up to its peak. This story is about how I changed it into a positive motivating factor to drive me work harder. Read the story here. (How I fall to learn getting up).

            The biggest change in every woman's life is her marriage. Everything changes after marriage, when I say everything I mean every single thing, even how she looks at the house that was home to her from birth. This is the toughest change for a woman to accept. I had to go through this and this post is about how I took a bold step like every other woman to start life anew. Read more here.(Home is all you need)

            "That might be useful in the future." Does this statement ring a bell. We would have often heard it from our parents and grandparents. This, I call as, the typical middle class Indian problem. We are not ready to easily let go of things we don't need. We save and save and save; no matter what; be it things or money.
Who made me optimistic and how? Read that story here. (Harry potter or poort potter; success and failure)

                   Looking back at life, I wonder how things have changed. There were times when something as small as a teachers absence would make me happy. Those were the best times of life. But today it costs an iPad to make me happy and to make me smile. Those were times when a rupee extra that mom gives as a commission to get her something from store would suffice my need and make me happy. Today I earn so many thousands and still I long for a hike, every other month. Life has changed drastically. As we grow, our needs grow, simple things that make us happy have vanished and have been replaced with complex things. I miss those days when simple things made me happy. Read more about how, one day, I woke up the child in me and that changed everything.

            Washing clothes has always been a boring task. When I ask my grandma, she tells me how boring it was years ago, when they had to carry the clothes to nearby lakes and use the rocks to wash clothes. When I ask my mom, she tells me how, during her childhood, people washed clothes in the backyard near the well of the house. There used to be dedicated washing rock behind every house. Read more about one of my childhood memories that changed the situation at home and about the wash bucket challenge that my dad took.

            How I assume the Nashta will go on at Gupta’s residence: Read here.

                Years ago, when I was a little girl I used to be very adamant because I was way too pampered. Those were times when my sister wasn’t born. I remember one particular day from those times. An interesting comparison of the situation today and what happened that day can be read here.

            My trip to Singapore and what I ate there can be read here.
Product Review: Money book-
This is a review of ‘My Money book’ by Exide Life insurance, an utility diary kind of book, used to document all your investment and property details.
My Money Book’, a book which is your very own record of what you have gained in life.  Read the review here.

Product Review: This is going to be the review of a 30*30 photo book from This photo book is prestige jumbo square photo book with hard bound cover and 20 pages of photos. Read the review here.

‘E government’ ‘Digital India’ ‘E Kranti’ Do these words ring a bell? You might have heard these words too often in the recent past in news channels and also read in newspapers. E governance is a 1 Lakh crore rupees project that the government has planned to implement under Modi’s governance. This is to be implemented by the department of electronics and IT. All that said, let’s see what e governance means literally and what Digital India initiative includes. Read the post here.

            Why only the word sex is alarming? My take on MyChoice: Read it here.

I hope you enjoyed reading my March posts. Kindly leave your comments below. 

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