Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My choice is all about a person's choice. One shouldnt be stopped doing whatever one wants just because the society dictates so. 

One should  and would know what's right and what's not so right for oneself; what one really wants. 

Reading between the lines so much is not right. The video is about one's choices and how society dictates by it's judgements . And the video faces the same problem. 

People have started listing down points that shouldn't have been  included in the video. Sex outside marriage is included in the video. This is not right according to the society, yes. But that's what they are trying to say. It's the girl's choice to be what she wants to be. They are not asking every woman to have sex outside marriage. They have included it to say even that, which is seen as the edge of the road of "MY CHOICE", is her choice. 

Why is the word SEX so offending and alarming? Whenever people relate sex and woman, people flood the net with opinions. They say it's not right. There might be cases where the girl having sex outside marriage or not wanting to have sex a justifiable one. Just don't share your judgements just because the S word is said. We don't know everyone's life, do we? 

There might be cases where the woman not wanting to have a baby be a justifiable thing. What if giving birth to a baby might lead to her death? What if she is a prostitute, married to the man who sell her every single day? Why would she have a baby? We don't know everyone's life but all we want is to frame set of generic rules and dictate people to follow it threatening them with our judgements. 

End of the day, it's their short film, it's their choice. If you have an opinion, you hire an actress, spend money and make your opinion stated. Stop questioning others and live your life. 

My only disappointment is that the video shouldn't have been gender bias. It's their choice. If I had made the video I would have made it for men, women and . 

I am not talking about men and women as two different kinds of human races. That's what equity is all about. This video should have been about men, women and transgenders. 

Even men are deprived of so many things that they want to do because the society dictates so. Make a video about human empowerment titled MY CHOICE. 

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