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A Short Synopsis:

The story is about four contradictory siblings Karan, Karuna, Sandheep and Sandhana who are very self-obsessed that they forget to live as a “family”. Their father Mr. Rabesh Kavarai is a huge businessman in Hawaii, who runs hotels and resorts. Their mother Nandhiya Kavarai, a blogger on child rights, meanwhile, manages the house and her children all by herself in Chennai.

Karan is nineteen years old, doing his B.E. in Automobile Engineering. While making automobiles is his field of study, riding them is his life’s passion. His love for motorbike racing is unlike any of the other typical teens who just swank with their expensive motorbikes in the streets. Karan is dedicated to closed circuit racing and he’s done his bit of research to get into it. He attends college in the morning and takes up professional biking training in the evenings. Biking- that’s everything that he knew and of course like most teens, he is a gadget geek as well.
Karuna is seventeen and a person with no aims in life. She lives in her own world of fantasies- shopping, spa-visits, checking out boys and partying. But the irony is that she has a strange interest towards cooking- yes cooking, which of course she could never keep her focus on!

Sandheep and Sandhana, non-identical twins who are fifteen years old are not identical in their interests as well. While Sandheep is a careless young boy who wants to enjoy life to the core trying out everything out there randomly, Sandhana is a very planned and choosy girl. She doesn’t like to experiment new things, for she can never accept mistakes. Perfection is something that she strived for as badly as a hungry person strives for food!

Each of them goes about with their own work, prioritising their own selfish needs and ignoring their mother’s health which is worsening day by day. Mother tries her best, using all her remaining energy to ensure that her children stood united in case she could no longer be with them, because she feels that her husband will never come back to them.
Sandheep is the first one to realise that he isn’t treating his mother properly. He wants to make up to her by setting right the problem that mother is struggling about- their family bond! But by the time the four of them understand the real mission of life…it’s too late.
But life has to go on and they learn to live with it, but this time together- as a team.

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