Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The biggest change in every woman's life is her marriage. Everything changes after marriage, when I say everything I mean every single thing, even how she looks at the house that was home to her from birth. This is the toughest change for a woman to accept. I had to go through this and this post is about how I took a bold step like every other woman to start life anew.

My marriage was fixed a few months after the engagement. I was too excited about it. I loved shopping new clothes, jewels and what not. I was such a pampered child at home, I was never even let inside Kitchen or even let to wash my own clothes. So marriage was not sudden pampering for me, it was usual and I loved it as usual. 

Finally the day dawned. I got married. The next day I got into a car with my luggage to go to my husband’s house. Till that moment the marriage, which was exciting till then, became a sad thing. I did not realize that I had to leave my parents and go somewhere else till then. It dawned on me only the moment dad and mom stood outside the car and waved at me. Tears rolled down my cheek. I cried and cried and cried till we reached his home. 

Before I could get adjusted to the new environment, we moved to united kingdom. Suddenly, life became a series of changes one after the other. I had to stay away from parents for one long year. I had never stayed away from home. I had no idea how to cook. I was scared at first but I was excited at the same time as we were going to set up a home, our home, just the two of us. It was going to be more than just a home but a world that was just ours. Thinking about all this, I decided to go. It was a big step for a person like me to leave hometown, parents and go to a distant land; most importantly start cooking.

Reaching there, I started with basic dishes. I explored a lot of cooking sites and understood that nothing is rocket science if we have the need, interest and the right time. I started cooking. The next challenge was to do the dishes; I had never done that before; I hated doing it. But when the thought of it being OUR HOME cropped up in my mind, I started cleaning the utensils. I used to clean the home and keep it sparkling. Home is our world and my home was our world. We have so many good memories with that home. Managing finance and the house all by ourselves independently gave me a sense of owning and responsibility. This trip eased the process of getting adapted to changes and also taught me how to be independent. It has also taught me “minimalism”. I just keep what I want and trash or giveaway the rest. This makes my life simpler. This home has changed the way I look at things and my lifestyle. This new home has made me more responsible. 

This was My new home: UK 

One such memory: anniversary candle light dinner at home. I prefer celebrating special occasions at home, alone with him :)

If you want some change in life, shift to a different place. Or pack everything and get re-settled in your own house like it was new, trashing all that you don’t need. A home is all you need. 

Written for #StartANewLife campaign

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