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Washing clothes has always been a boring task. When I ask my grandma, she tells me how boring it was years ago, when they had to carry the clothes to nearby lakes and use the rocks to wash clothes.
When I ask my mom, she tells me how, during her childhood, people washed clothes in the backyard near the well of the house. There used to be dedicated washing rock behind every house.

As I recollect my childhood, I remember mom putting the clothes in a washing machine, switch it on to make it dance and produce enormous sound. Then she used to transfer all the clothes to the dryer, later put them to dry in the terrace or in the balcony.

When we talk about drying clothes again every generation has a different story to share. Grandma says, the clothes of ladies were never dried outside as they weren’t allowed to dry them in the same place where men’s clothes were put to dry.

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Mom says how she had to use a stick to seat the clothes well on the rope inches above her head and how tiring it would be to raise her arms and reach the rope high up near the ceiling.

As they talk about the difficulties in washing, grandma says how she had to beat the clothes on the rocks to get them cleaned. Mom tells me how she had to pick up the clothes and brush the stains before washing them in washing machine.

Today, everything has changed. We have fully automatic washing machines, ariel matic powder and the ropes that we dry the clothes on can be brought down to our convenience and once loaded it can be raised to ceiling. Though so much has changed, most men don’t even consider helping women with household, specially laundry.  Going to the terrace with the wet clothes is considered not so manly by them. When so much has advanced when it comes to clothes and washing, why can’t this mentality of men change? It should. I present to you my parent’s laundry story.

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That's my dad with the Ariel Matic trial pack and our LG fully automatic washing machine. He is 55+ now and he is happily posing with the Ariel pack and washing machine now. But there were times when laundry was just my mom’s job. I remember this day from my childhood when I was in primary school; things had changed that day.

My mom is a working woman. All she gets is a Sunday to clean the house and wash the clothes. Daily casual clothes she used to wash everyday but dad’s office clothes mom reserved them for the weekend, more specifically Sundays.  One day dad had come home with spots on his favorite light coloured shirt on the shoulder; he had caught it from a taxi or something.

Dad had kept it in a separate rack in order to get it washed separately. Dad had informed mom but mom forgot this shirt while washing. She as usual put the clothes in the washing machine from the laundry bag. The next morning dad picked up that shirt. The shirt had stains and wasn’t washed. Dad had a meeting that day and had planned to wear his favorite shirt. But it was a huge disappointment for him that the shirt was not in a wearable condition. He angrily asked mom why she hadn’t washed it. Mom told him that it was difficult for her to cook, clean and also do the laundry. She had just a day off from work and that wasn’t enough for all the households, she confessed. Dad, as a caring husband, told mom that day that he would wash all his clothes every weekend and also agreed to help her clean the house whenever he could. From that day till now dad’s been washing his clothes every weekend.
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I interviewed dad asking him about how he shares the load with mom. Here is a video of the interview for you to watch.

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My dad took the Ariel #WashBucketChallenge and pledged years ago to #ShareTheLoad with mom. He still continues to do so.

I nominate my husband Rajan Santhanam, my brother Vishnu, my friends Sulaiman, Arvind Passey and Anmol to take up this challenge.

A small tip to single men reading this: This could be the best pickup line. :) 

Drawn by me 

About Ariel Matic: 
First thing first, I love the smell of Ariel matic. I don't know why but I have a weird liking towards it. 
We just used a spoon full of Ariel Matic powder for more than a tub full of clothes. You can see that in the video. We used it in out top loading LG Fully automatic washing machine. 
Once the washing was done, the clothes looked clean and fresh. I was happy with the product. There was no spot of undissolved powder that left white patches like other powders I have used. 
Other important aspect was that the powder did remain on the sides of the washing machine, making it double work for us to clean the washing machine after washing. 

I would recommend Ariel Matic to my readers. 

This post is written as a part of  #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity by Blogadda and Ariel Matic. 

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