Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hello everyone! Hope March is treating you well.

"That might be useful in the future." Does this statement ring a bell. We would have often heard it from our parents and grandparents. This, I call as, the typical middle class Indian problem. We are not ready to easily let go of things we don't need.

We save and save and save; no matter what; be it things or money. We don't even think how, what we save, might help us in the future. All we are taught and we practice is to save and keep saving. We get a thing, it gets old or of no use anymore, we won't throw it away. We would say, "it might be useful in the future". This results in the crowding of things that we don't need all around us , making it difficult for us to find what we actually want.

This theory doesn't hold good for people. We easily get rid of people who we think don't fit in our life, then and there, in most cases. In this case we don't say this person might fit in, in the future. So, does this mean we value things better to people? I wonder myself.

Create a storage space and dump all that you don't need often. Leave it for one year. Take what you want from it now and then. End of one year if something isn't taken from it, get rid of those stuffs. One might ask why one should get rid of things that are useful once in four years and why one should have to buy it every four years. The space that this once in four years utility stuff is less costlier than the space it occupies and the stress it creates in you. Really. It takes the space of other important things that are better and frequently useful. It makes it difficult for you to get hold of what you need as you spend time in searching for it amidst what you don't want. This is what I have learnt from my job. I am a business intelligence developer and this involves database. If we have too much redundant and useless data it takes a lot of time for you to query and fetch what you want. Normalisation, they call it in technical term.

Normalise your home as your home is your database. Get rid of what you don't want and create space for what you want.
After writing this I am going to give away my old engineering books to library as it's of no use anymore. I thought it might be useful in the future but it wasn't for three long years. Also I am getting rid of DVDs CDs cassettes and floppy disks but one in each for the memory of using it all. What are you getting rid of today? Share with me in the comments below.

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