Tuesday, March 17, 2015
What’s the product?
This is going to be the review of a 30*30 photo book from This photo book is prestige jumbo square photo book with hard bound cover and 20 pages of photos.

What I ordered:

A look at my photobook:
What I loved the most was the way the product was delivered. IT was delivered not in a carton box but in a customized holder for the photo book; more like a photo book case which you can use forever to preserve your photo book.

First impression:
Considering the size of the photo book, which is 30*30, I only wondered how it will look with the photographs I had chosen. When I edited the photobook design in my laptop, I only thought with 30*#0 dimension and max 6 photographs in a page, most pages will look blank. But to my surprise the photo book had come out really well.

Most fascinating features:
What I loved the most with this photobook was the way we can customize almost anything about the book. The cover page both front and back together can be filled with the photo you choose. This feature is lacking in most of the other photo books in the market by other companies, even snapfish, which I have reviewed earlier.

The logo at the bottom of the back cover can be removed if you wish, on paying a little extra. The spine text can be chosen by you. I was worried if the spine text I had chosen will span across the front and the back cover making the spine look odd but, again, surprised me. The spine text looks intact on the spine. The photo book is so designed that the spine stands out.

The other feature I loved the most was the background of each page that can be customized. You can either choose from the numerous templates they have, which are really good. OR you can choose your own photograph. This enhances the beauty of each of the page; you can choose a beach image as background for photos taken in that beach.

Sun flower is a sticker.

The photo’s shades can also be edited. For instance I had made one of the photos black and white. Letting you edit the photobook to this extent of even editing the photos uploaded is a feature that makes stand out.

Most importantly, you can save your photobook that you are half way through the design. You can either design it online or you can download the editor, work on your own pace offline and then upload the photobook.

I liked the stickers they provide that you can add to the pages.

Frowning factor:
Designing is a little difficult. I would prefer the word wee bit to little because, it’s easy to an extent but the drag and drop feature is not so much effective at times in the designer. But you get used to it after designing a page or two.
There is nothing else I would frown about

Cost effective, cheaper photobook with an amazing quality and service. I would surely recommend it to my readers. You cant get a photobook with so much features and customization from most other online store. So what are you waiting for? Go order your photobook now from

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