Sunday, March 22, 2015

Looking back at life, I wonder how things have changed. There were times when something as small as a teachers absence would make me happy. Those were the best times of life. But today it costs an iPad to make me happy and to make me smile. Those were times when a rupee extra that mom gives as a commission to get her something from store would suffice my need and make me happy. Today I earn so many thousands and still I long for a hike, every other month. Life has changed drastically. As we grow, our needs grow, simple things that make us happy have vanished and have been replaced with complex things. I miss those days when simple things made me happy. I think we lose the child in us as we grow. Trust me the simple things that made you happy as a child will surely make you happy now but you don't dare to do it, you feel shy and call it not of your standard.

There was a class test that was scheduled for the next day, years ago, when I was in school. I did not prepare as relatives had come home. When I went to bed I got reminded of the test. I was so scared. I did not know how to escape from the test. My parents won't let me take leave so easily, they were very strict. I prayed God that it should rain and the next day should've declared a holiday for schools. The next morning dad woke me up with a news that it was a holiday due to rain. That class test has no relevance to my life by escaping it was such a simple thing that made me happy.

There were several such instances when I related the natural changes and happening to my luck and felt happy about it. Now I know these are coincidences still I, for the sake of happiness, relate two things that were mere coincidence. For example, when I was in UK there was no snow at all from the time I reached there. It was my birthday, the first birthday far from home. I was dull throughout the day. Not that I want my birthday to be special but something inside made me sad for it not being exciting. Husband couldn't take leave as he had a project going live that day. That evening he surprised me with gifts still I was sad. At 10pm I received a message from a neighbour of mine asking me to look outside. It was snowing heavily. That was my first snow and I loved it. I knew very well that it was a mere coincidence that it snowed the best in the last two years on my birthday. But I related the two and felt happy. A simple way of forgetting what we have learnt about coincidences made me happy.

This is why we need the child in us to be awakened now and then to remain happy. We all talk too much about discipline, healthy food and restrict ourselves and our next generation from attaining the pleasures small things would give. Eating cotton candy at beaches, soap bubbles, kites, playing in the mud, breaking glasses playing cricket, getting tanned playing in hot sun; we have all loved doing this but we don't do it. Anymore nor do we let our kids do it. What we need to understand is that there are limits for each of such simple crazy desires and we should stop ourselves only when we reach that limit when it gets harmful for us. Blindly restricting oneself from all of these completely will only kill the child in you.

Stay happy. Be a child now and then. Do the simple things that make you happy.

I am making a paper boat with me nephew and I am going to make it float in the kitchen sink. 😄 I am sure my mom would kill me for this. Getting scoldings from her at this age is also a simple thing that makes me happy.

What are you waiting for? Go do what your heart says. 

This post is written for International day of happiness campaign.

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