Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nashta is a work that excites most of us. Because after several hours of unconsciousness in the name of sleeping, that’s the first meal of the day. That’s why they call it breakfast.

            I remember times when I go to someone’s place as a guest. We wouldn’t know when the hosts will wake up. We wouldn’t know what’s the procedure followed in their house; first tea and then breakfast or breakfast with tea or tea then bath then breakfast. Also, we will not know what breakfast they will serve. We will be eagerly waiting to eat in the morning sometimes, waiting for them to call us. Lunch and dinner we can discuss what we like and what we don’t with hosts but breakfast is always a surprise. Mostly when we are on diet or trying to reduce weight and the breakfast has vada or oil dipper pratas it comes as a shocker.

But we will have no worries when we go to Gupta ji’s house. They have a variety of dishes that are tasty, looks yum and are also healthy. Looking at the recipes that Mrs.Gupta makes for nashta it makes us really want to ask one of them , ‘Nashta pe kab bula rahe ho?’ (‘When will you invite for breakfast?)

How I assume the Nashta will go on at Gupta’s residence:
‘Hello, welcome to the Gupta’s Ganga ji.’ Mr Gupta would come to the entrance to welcome me.
‘Welcome ji’ Mrs. Gupta would give me a tight hug.
As I go inside, I would see Gupta’s daughter and son fighting for the remote control. Gupta ji warns them not to misbehave in front of me. He snatches the remote and tunes into a sport channel that telecast world cup match.
‘Don’t you watch Sas bahu serial at this time?’ I ask Mrs. Gupta. ‘I have the same problem at home. My husband never lets me watch my serials.’ I say, sadly.
‘I have a trick. I will easily get the remote from all of them.’ She says.
‘How is that even possible?’ I ask as the kids fight with the father for the remote.
Mrs. Gupta adds coconut, almond, vanilla, chocolate syrup and corn flakes in a blender and blends it into a smoothie. Then she makes coconut corn flakes laddos, corn flakes pan cakes side by side.
She places all these on the dining table and asks me to taste them.
‘Hmmmm…Yum… All these taste so delicious. Mouthwatering, they look.’ I say as I eat my share of the nashta.
First, Gupta’s son joins us.
‘Hello Aunty, my mom is the best cook in the world. I love her nashtas.’ He says and grins.
‘Yummmm…’ HE says as he gulps down the laddoos.
Gupta’s daughter looks at the three of us eating and joins us. ‘Yum…!!’ she says.
Finally, Gupta joins looking at all of us enjoying the nashta without him.
‘My wife is the best cook.’ He says.
‘Come with me, Ganga ji. Let’s go and watch Sas bahu serial.’ Mrs. Gupta says.
We watch the serial happily as the family enjoys nashta.

I would love to go to Gupta's again for Nashta as they have lovely dishes for nashta, both yummy and healthy, and they are such lovely people.

Written as a part of Kellogg's campaign. 

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