Friday, April 17, 2015

We can never ignore Ads. Some products really sell well only because their advertisements are powerful. Some Ads emphasises on the use of the product and some emphasises on the brand name. Every Ad is different in it's own way.

Advertisement I love the most:

Mentos old classroom AD:
Some Ads have a story in itself and when the story is a smart witty one we love even watching the Ad. By making people love watching the Ad we are indirectly registering the name of the brand in their minds.

In this mentos Ad the guy tries to sneak in the classroom when the lecture is going on. The lecturer notices this and asks him to get out. The next day he enters the class late but when the lecturer turns he pretends like he is going out. The lecturer himself asks him to sit in. 

Advertisement I hate the most:
Kalyan jewelers AD:
This is one of the high budget ads that appear on TV quite often. The duration of it, the number of times it’s telecast every day and the actors involved in it will make even a common man understand how much money has gone into it and it’s telecast. All this just for the opening of a new showroom in Chennai.

Some Ads make us talk about the brand, solving the sole purpose of it. This ad made us mention Kalyan jewelers but all in the wrong sense. People got annoyed of the Ad and the poor concept of it. With so many stars the concept could have been a little better instead of making it look like a Veshti(Dhothi) tutorial.

My version of it:
Amitab, venkatesh, manju warrier and aishwarya rai call prabhu one after the other telling him they would come to Chennai on 17th of April. Prabhu calls them for lunch. Then he asks Vikram Prabhu, his son, what’s special on April the 17th. Vikram doesn’t know too.
The above released as a teaser would have made people wonder what’s special on April the 17th, considering the number of times the Ad was telecast. Then when 17th nears they could have released another Ad where Prabhu gives up and Amitab and tries to ask him in stammering hindi. Amitab says in wonderful tamil that the world’s biggest jewellery showroom is to be opened in Chennai on April 17th.

Celebrities and what they can endorse 

Coffee shop:
They say anything can happen over a coffee. Ranbir and Deepika thought it was the right product for them to endorse. Look at the below picture to know why.

Fairness cream:
Most actresses look fairer just because of camera tricks and computer graphics. When these actress endorse a fairness cream it's funnier than it is effective.

If it's not an actress who really looks dark, it's an actress who is born fair enough. But some fairness cream ads go beyond this limit to cast a foreigner as their brand ambassador. 

Height growth health drink for kids
Why are kids shown in the health drink ads? I have always wondered about this. You need someone who suffers because of the less growth to endorse the brand to make people understand the real importance of height. See who is the apt person for such ads below. 

Tooth paste
These days tooth paste formula accommodate anything, ANYTHING. This has not only improved the variety of tooth pastes we can choose from but also increased the scope of AD proposal for cooks. Check out why. 

Service providers:
The service providers are actually missing on the best people they can cast in their ads; The only group of people, who take up talking as a profession. 

Reminds me of the below comedy from a tamil film:

I am joining in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda.”

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  1. Wow! I found this hilarious and smart at the same time! I love the mentos ad as well and this is a nice post! Enjoyed reading it :)

  2. Nice write-up Ganga! Seen some controversies surrounding Kalyan ad and sounds truly a lavish ads for shop opening. Yes, there are some handful of good ads scripted well done by some brands like Univeler, Dove, SBI, etc. I can do watch funny ads but not the ones that irritates me :)


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