Friday, December 28, 2012

When I look at him my lungs suck in more corbon-di-oxide to an extent it could burst my ribs apart. I like everything about him. I like the way he talks, I like the way he looks at me. He is so adorable. But when will he express his love to me? Does he even love me?
These days all my facebook statuses are about him. I wait till he comes online and update status on Facebook just for him to note it. Sometimes my craziness drives me to update 5 or 6 statuses, all about love, all for him. Anything updated about love will gain a 100 likes in a minute, no matter how meaningless it is. People like it, comment on it, argue about it. But he wouldn’t even notice it. I never give up. I keep updating status after status in a way he could realize it’s all about him and for him.
He has liked my status. He has, finally, understood its all about him and for him. I am waiting for him to express his love to me.

I fell for her the moment I saw her the first time. I never believed in love at first sight till then. She is so beautiful, a girl born for me. How do I tell her my love? The few minutes she stays in front of my eyes, my brain collapses.
I bring up reasons to meet her, look at her and to talk to her. Every time she is near me I feel like holding her hand. If I tell her that I love her will she reject it? What if she ends the friendship too? What if she starts ignoring me?
Can I wait till I am sure that she loves me too?
Where will I find answers for all these questions?
I am not able to concentrate in anything. I see her everywhere and in everything. But I don’t have enough courage to tell her this. It is ok even if my love is unsaid as long as I get to see her, talk to her and be with her. I don’t want love at the cost of the pleasure of her being with me at least as a friend.

Adam: What do you think about love?
Eve: A feeling I get towards a person who can make me smile all the time?
What do you think about love?
Adam: A storm in my stomach,
A lightening in front of my eyes,
A moon in the night sky,
A torch to my dark life,
A feeling when I see you.
Eve: (Blushes)
Adam: (Mission accomplished!) I mean, a feeling when I see her,
The woman of my life is what love is to me.
Eve: Do you love someone? (Say it now itself. Please say it’s me.)
Adam: Don’t you know?
Eve: How would I know?
Adam: Why do you girls always want guys to propose?
Eve: That how nature works. You propose and we accept.
Adam: We propose. You look at our purse and if the weight of the purse is good enough, you accept. Else reject.
Eve: We look for security, care and love. We don’t look for money. It is you who is looking for beauty.
Adam: If we did only models and actresses will get boyfriends.
Eve: Don’t you look for beauty in a girl?
Adam: No I don’t. I am not going to marry Aishwarya Rai anyway.
Eve: You will choose the best looking female who could say yes to you. What’s wrong in agreeing that you look for beauty?
Adam: I don’t look for beauty or I don’t go by looks.
Eve: Then why have you not liked any of my pictures but liked three pictures of her?
Adam: Which her? I like all the pretty faces’ pictures.
Eve: See!
Adam: Doesn’t mean I love them all. If I don’t like a girl’s picture who is pretty it means I don’t like her picture staying on Facebook.
Eve: Why?
Adam: I don’t like other men drooling at your pics.
Eve: Really?
Adam: Ya!
Eve: Will you take care of me? Be with me all my life?
Adam: I will.
Eve: Then say it.
Adam: Say what?

Eve: That you love me.
Adam: I love you.
Eve: Me too. We will celebrate this day with our grandchildren. I will tell them the story of how their grandpa proposed me on this day.
Adam: I proposed you?
Eve: You have a doubt?
Adam: No, You are beautiful.
Eve: (Forgetting the rest. Blushes)

Adam: Why do you girls take so much time to confirm love?
Eve: We want to make sure that the guy we love comes along with us till death.
Adam: ewww... Same guy? Till death?
Eve: What?
Adam: Nothing.
Eve: Won’t you take time to confirm that you are in love?
Adam: No way. Just meet once, beautiful face? Yeah. Then propose. Else call it friendship. The only difference is we don’t call the girl ‘Sister’ if she is not ok. You girls look at the guy, if he is ok, you call it ‘crush’ till HE PROPOSES YOU, else you call him ‘Brother’.
Eve: It isn’t like that. We have a crush on a guy and slowly fall in love with him. We talk to a guy very well in three cases:
1.     Crush on him
2.    Find a friend in him
3.    Find a brother in him
When a friend or a brother proposes what do you expect us to say? We say you are just a friend or like a brother.
But you guys talk to a girl just in one case: She is beautiful.
Adam: (Change topic before it becomes a fight that takes away my sleep all night)
You look so beautiful in that group picture.
Eve: Are you on Facebook when you are talking to me?
Adam: (Caught again. Problem alert) No darling. Just to see your pictures and updates.
Eve: Really?
Adam: What stupid update is this? Just a smiling face smiley.
Eve: We got committed right, I was happy and updated that smiley.
Adam: All this happened 5 hours ago and you have already got more than 100 likes.
Even if a guy wins nobel prize and update a status just 2 or 3 likes come up. But even if a girl updates a stupid status like ‘I ate Idly’ 100 people like it and 200 discuss about it.
Eve: Whose fault is that? It need not even be a pretty girl, you don’t even have to know who she is, how old she is, if you know she is a girl you guys hit on her. You like all those statuses you called “Stupid”, comment on her pictures, post on her wall and do all nonsense. Finally you blame the girl, just for being a girl, for all these.
Adam: (Problem Alert! Sleepless night alert) I love you darling.
Eve: Love you too. Then?
Adam: Can I sleep?
Eve: (Silence)
Adam: Just to dream about you my dear.
Eve: Love you. Good night.
Eve: How long should I wait? You guys run behind girls till you get a clue that she loves you. Once you are sure of it you make us wait for hours.
Adam: We need some rest, for all the length we have run, to get the girl. Don’t we?

Eve: You have changed a lot Adam. You used to wait for me, be with me as long as possible. I miss those days.
Adam: Those were the days when I did not know if you were mine.
Eve: So now that you know I am yours you make me wait for everything?
Adam: No, I know that you will wait for me. I know that even when I am not with you, you will think about me.
Those days I had to be with you to make me stop thinking about you as I was not sure if it was love. But now I have all the rights to think about you and I do that always.

Adam and Eve:
We fight, happily together,
We live, happily together,
We cry, happily together,
We are meant to be together!

Adam and EVE: I love U and even in that I love U more.

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