Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nothing to write. Nothing to blog. Nothing to communicated. Nothing, nothing at all.

I had often felt that nothingness is great. Being empty minded is good, maybe on a weekend or during a vacation when we have nothing to do, nothing to be held responsible for, nothing to think about. Those are the times when we gain consciousness early in the morning and feel lazy to move our eyelids apart. Thinking about nothing in the darkness, that the lids surround the eyes with, we roll on the bed and while away time aimlessly. Those are the days when the only duty that demands a wake up is the morning coffee or a TV show we had scheduled to watch. We sit on the couch with the coffee right after brushing and stay there unnoticed and not noticing the rest of the worst, sticking our vision tight with the TV screens or these days its facebook. After sometime, not knowing the lapse of time, looking at the clock, we realize that we were doing nothing for hours together. Suddenly responsibility creeps in our mind and we slide the curtains that helped us remain space-equally, not knowing what part of the day we were in, just to know if it was am or pm. No mood to bath or no mood to eat, we do all that just to remind us that we are still humans. Nothingness was great to me till it hit my blog. Now when I say ‘I have nothing to blog about’ it hurts.

Most of us start blogging when we are hit with nothingness in life, when we have nothing to do or nothing to play or nothing to watch. We get bored of or scared of nothingness. Sometimes this leads to loneliness and sometimes craziness. But for a few this results in blogness. We start a blog and dissolve the nothingness in it. The frequency of blogging increases as the nothingness prolongs. But as time passes and when the nothingness in life fades, we become too busy to blog. Life tries to keep us too busy and we start longing for those nothing-days. During these busy times, even when we get a little free time we want to curl under the cover of nothingness, we fail to blog. Few-days becomes few-months and few-months become few years. When we meet bloggers we start saying ‘I used to blog like anything but now I don’t find time. Maybe you can find my old posts here.’

For few female blogger a twist and turn comes and we get into the family routine, living for the kid, working for the family, thinking about the husband and all the rest that zeroes down to nothing to blog or no time to blog. Few years pass and we find it difficult to remember even the blog URL.

My only question to people who belong to the ‘WE’ in the above is this- ‘Do you really need something to blog about? Do we really don’t have time just to pen down few thoughts and share?’ I had nothing to blog. I had to run behind sites to host contest or groups to host some activity to keep my blog alive. I am shrinking from within as a blogger and growing huge as a loser. Suddenly a thought pinged my useless brain and here I am blogging about how I have nothing to blog.

Nothingness is interesting. Uselessness is even better and my post about uselessness will follow.
Thanks to the nothingness in your day that made you read this post!  

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  1. haha! Good one and I tell you - sometimes doing nothing is great! There was a time I gifted a friend an empty box; he had everything, so I gave him nothing! Funny as it may sound, nothing exists! :D

    1. Gifting 'Nothing' to someone is a great idea! How did i miss tat? :-o
      Thanks deeps for the comment, visit and that great idea!

  2. True, idle mind is a devil's workshop and all my devilish blogs come when I am freee

  3. What profound thoughts on nothingness. I see that you're slowly mutating into a frizzy-haired philosopher who writes about worldly pleasures and calls them nothing.

    Nada Nada Nada.

    Joy always,

    1. Thanks for dropping in Susan. :)
      Philosopher, that i am. :)

  4. Hi Ganga,

    This comment is about nothing ! :) :) :)

    Keep up the good work



  5. Actually I agree that at times, we are dependent on contests or other prompts for ideas but we blog for pouring out our feelings and we did it nicely, even when it was for nothing...


  6. GB,

    U started the topic with Nothing & given thoughts on how to spend time when people are idle. Good one-:)

  7. Haha..they made an entire sitcom about nothing...Seinfeld..if you havent already watched

    1. I know abt the sitcome :) But havent watched it much :)


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