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Book Review - Wrong Means Right End
Book title :Wrong Means Right End
Author : Varsha Dixit
Published by : Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd.

Wrong Means Right end is a Sequel of ‘Right Foot Wrong Shoe’ one of the best sellers published back in 2009, written by Varsha Dixit.

The cover of the book is very attractive and replicates the plot behind it, throughout the book. A woman, Sneha, and a guy,Nikhil, looking at the opposite directions but still have the love that stands between them, holding them together in the cover.

Most times when I get carried away with the cover and the title of a poor, the book turns to be a disappointment. This time 'Wrong Means, Right End' lived up to the expectation the cover instilled in me. The book starts with the emphasis on the friendship Sneha and Nandhini share. Sneha, after going through the pain of a failure marriage, loses all faith and interest in love. She becomes a responsible single mom of a small kid Advey. Nandhini, being a good friend and well-wisher, tries to set Sneha with all possible matches which includes her kid's paediatrician. Adithya, Nandhini's rich husband, is introduced as a very cute and loving ladies man. Nandhini and Adithya are showcased as loving couple. The entry of Nikhil brings in enough twists and turns that makes the reader get gripped to the book and keep turning pages.
Gayathri, Nikhil’s friend and Adhithya’s ex-fiance’, tries to break up the marital bond between Nandhini and Adithya. Now it becomes Sneha’s turn to do something to save Nandhini’s marriage but for this she ought to seek Nikil’s help. The not-working-out, hatred, not-a-relationship turns out to be a good chemistry. The rest of the book is about how the relationship they share changes from hot to sweet and how they save Nandhini’s marriage from the melt-down.

These days second marriage has become so common but falling in love after a failed marriage is something questionable. This question is well handled and the slow pace of Sneha and Nik falling for each other is the best part of the book. When you bite your nails and want them to join hands they do, in a way, but again surprise you by taking opposite directions. Later, they get back to join hands again. This journey of the two towards the love that blossoms makes the read interesting for us.

Amidst the number of books that come up with the same plot this book stands out. I would say that the author has cleverly handled the known, always-used-to-sell well love, breakup, love, friendship story so well. 

Enjoy reading the book!!

Overall: This book has a good blend of friendship, love, twist and a lot more. 
This book is surely worth your time and 140 bucks as the 311 pages will get turned one after the other without your conscious effort.

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