Sunday, December 30, 2012

I kept running holding her. Sleepless.Tired. Thirsty.
Sun rose but she was still asleep on my chest. I saw them speeding the bullock cart. I ran with them and woke her up. She saw them as I pressed her hard-‘Click’. She flashed and went back to sleep, finally, making me feel like a photographer.


This has been submitted for a photo-post contest conducted by The Chennai Bloggers Club. The CBC is a Facebook group where bloggers with a Chennai connection interact with each other. This contest has been sponsored by Cuponation. It is India's largest coupon portal, specially designed to meet the needs of all online shoppers. 

2 Scribbles:

  1. Superb Short-55 fiction!

    Great work :)

    And a great pic by ganeshji as well!


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